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39 Amazing Destinations – Our Favorites from 15 Years of Traveling

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People often ask us what’s our favorite destination or what is the most beautiful place we have been to. So to celebrate our blog’s one year anniversary, we decided to share the very best, most magical destinations from the 15 years of travels. 39 amazing places from all over the world made this list of our absolute favorites. Find out!

Update: I now also published our selection of the most beautiful scenic roads from all over the world. Check it out too!

In no particular order, here is our selection of the most beautiful destinations from all over the world.

1. Milford Sound, New Zealand

Milford Sound in New Zealand

Milford Sound fjord on the Southern Island of New Zealand will take your breath away. New Zealand is pretty much on top of our list of the most beautiful nature destinations worldwide, and Milford Sound is just one of the many spectacular natural landmarks we visited in New Zealand.

2. Mopion Island, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Tiny Mopion island in the Caribbean. Sint Vincent and the Grenadines

One of the most unbelievable places we have ever been to – tiny Mopion island in the Caribbean. Just us, the umbrella and the sea. Oh, and the picnic basket with a bottle of champagne, and the snorkelling gear for hours of underwater fun. Extraordinary experience!

3. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges in Belgium

If you visit just one town in Belgium, make it Bruges. It’s one of Europe’s most beautiful fairytale towns and one of our absolute favorites. And it has nothing to do with the fact that we live in Belgium!

4. Cape Town, South Africa

The Twelve Apostles scenic drive near Cape Town in South Africa

Cape Town and Cape Peninsula in South Africa is one of our absolute favorite destinations in the world. We hardly ever travel to the same place more than once; Cape Peninsula is one of the rare exceptions. Read about our trip to South Africa with kids or see our favorite pictures from South Africa for more inspiration.

5. Kata Tjuta, Australia’s Red Centre

Kata Tjuta rocks in Australia's Red Centre

Australia’s Red Centre is so much more than just Uluru (Ayer’s Rock). In fact, we were just as impressed with the Kata Tjuta area! If you visit just one region in Australia, make it the Red Centre, the true heart of this incredible continent. Read more about our road trip to the Red CentreKata Tjuta and the West MacDonnell Ranges and get to know more about these hidden gems of Outback Australia!

6. Château de Chambord, Loire Valley, France

Chambord Castle in the Loire Valley in France

Château de Chambord is the largest castle in the Loire Valley. Don’t limit your visit to just this one castle, the region of Loire with hundreds of castles is worth exploring deeper!

7. Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda in Italy

Lake Garda is not to be missed during any Italian trip! If you like beautiful nature, quaint little villages and Italian lifestyle, you will love Lake Garda and the other Italian lakes in Northern Italy. Read about the most beautiful places on Lake Garda and the suggested Lake Garda trip itinerary.

8. Flores Island, The Azores, Portugal

Flores Island in the Azores Portugal

If you are looking for truly untouched nature, I cannot recommend the Azores highly enough. One of our favourites was the secluded Flores Island. At the time of our visit it had less than 10 rental cars and two hotels.

9. Santorini, Greece

Oia in Santorini Greece

Santorini is like no other place in the world! You’ll instantly recognise its typical whitewashed buildings against the rugged volcanic landscape. It truly is as beautiful as in the pictures, just be aware that you will not be enjoying the romantic sunsets alone – over two million tourists visit Santorini every year.

10. Lake Moraine, Canada

Lake Moraine in Canada

Lake Moraine in Banff National Park in Canada is probably one of the most scenic mountain lakes in the world. Photos don’t even do justice to the spectacular scenery surrounding the lake.

11. Arches National Park, Utah, USA

Delicate Arch in Arches National Park in Utah USA

Utah is home to some of the world’s most magical natural landmarks. Monument Valley, Bryce NP, Zion NP, Canyonlands NP… I could fill half of this list of amazing travel destinations without ever leaving the state of Utah, but if I have to choose just one, it would be the Arches National Park. And the absolute must-do in the park is the Delicate Arch Trail!

12. Venice, Italy

Venice Italy

With its medieval palazzos, richly decorated gondolas, hundreds of bridges, canals, and unforgettable romantic atmosphere, Venice is definitely a bucket list destination. Make sure you read this post if planning a trip to Venice with young kids.

13. Li River, China

Li River in China

We were lucky to visit China before the big economic growth changed the country and its people for good. We didn’t know what to expect and were amazed to discover such a rich culture and incredibly beautiful nature.

14. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Without a doubt one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Prague will surprise and enchant you. It’s a city which does not yield to Paris, Rome or London.

15. La Digue, the Seychelles

La Digue Island in the Seychelles

The Seychelles are so much more than white sand beaches and luxury resorts. La Digue island (pictured here) is just one of the many incredibly diverse Seychelles islands that will take your breath away.

16. Deadvlei, Namibia

Deadvlei Namibia

It’s difficult to find the right words to describe Deadvlei in Namibia. It’s a magical destination, a surreal place that has no equals anywhere else on Earth. Go before sunrise if you want to have the whole place to yourself, like we did. For more reasons to visit Namibia, read this: 13 Incredible Places Not To Be Missed in Namibia.

17. Paris, France

Notre Dame de Paris, France

No list of best destinations in the world would be complete without mentioning Paris. It’s a city we used to visit a lot, but since we have kids, we only got there once: 1 day in Paris with kids.

18. Hermanus, South Africa

Hermanus, South Africa

Hermanus in South Africa is my husband’s favorite place from all our trips. What is there not to love about this spectacular coastline where you can watch dolphins and whales from ashore! One of our best memories from South Africa is having picnic and watching dolphins from the spot in this picture.

19. Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

Tulip fields in the Netherlands

Even the most unromantic person will be impressed by the colorful tulip fields South of Amsterdam. How to visit the tulip fields in the Netherlands.

20. Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the most impressive man-made structures we ever set a foot on. Do some research before you go and try to avoid the crowds.

21. Spirit Island, Maligne Lake in Jasper NP, Canada

Spirit Island on Maligne Lake in Jasper NP Canada

There are moments when you see a place so special that you know immediately that it was worth the whole trip. Tiny Spirit Island in Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park is one of those places. Pictures don’t do it justice; the beauty of nature will take your breath away!

22. Rome, Italy

Trevi Fountain in Rome Italy

Rome is probably the most beautiful city in the world. I often call it a city-museum: there is so much art and history everywhere you go! Read also: How to get the most of your visit to Rome and The hidden gems of Rome most tourists never see.

23. Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon, Iceland

Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon, Iceland

If you visit just one place in Iceland, make it Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon. In summer or in winter, it’s worth a trip to Iceland all by itself! Read more: Must-see sights in Iceland and Bucket list worthy winter experiences in Iceland.

24. Cape Cross Seal Reserve, Namibia

Cape Cross Seal Colony Namibia

The sight of more than 100,000! seals in Cape Cross seal reserve in Namibia is impressive to say the least. It’s an unforgettable experience to walk amongst these wild animals. They say the smell is something that stays with you forever, we were lucky to visit on a very windy day and so we missed this part of the experience. See our Namibia trip itinerary for more info.

25. Maroon Bells, Colorado, USA

Maroon Bells Colorado USA

Maroon Bells in Colorado are said to be the most photographed mountains in the United States. No matter how many pictures you had seen, you won’t be prepared for the stunning beauty of the place. Go early in the morning to beat the crowds and see the incredible reflections on the lake. Read more about our unforgettable day visiting Maroon Bells.

26. Trakai Castle, Lithuania

Trakai Castle Lithuania

One of our favorite places to spend a day every time we visit Lithuania. The beautifully restored castle is worth a visit, but if you have the chance, make sure to also explore the lake and the whole area around it. To truly appreciate the beauty of this place, you would have to see it from above – the castle is built on an island that is surrounded by lakes and forests as far as the eye can see.

27. Great Ocean Road, Southern Australia

Great Ocean Road Southern Australia

Great Ocean Road in Southern Australia is more than just the famous Twelve Apostles, for which more than 23 million of tourists travel to the area every year. Escape the crowds and take your time to explore the beautiful coastline beyond the most famous lookout points. There is so much you can see and do on The Great Ocean Road!

28. Terracotta Army in China

Terracotta Army in China

No matter how many pictures of Emperor Qin’s terracotta army you had seen, you cannot be prepared for how impressive it is in reality. Definitely a must-see if visiting China!

29. Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone NP, USA

Colorful Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park

The Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park is everything you would expect it to be. And yes, it is as colorful as in the pictures! Yellowstone is a magical place with beautiful landscapes, incredible variety of wildlife, spurting geysers and even hot rivers… Definitely a place you should see if visiting the United States. But Yellowstone is more than the Grand Prismatic Spring! Read more about our favourite things to see and do in Yellowstone.

30. Oeschinensee, Switzerland

Oeschinensee Lake in Switzerland

UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful mountain lakes – Oeschinensee in Central Switzerland is one of our absolute favorite areas for hiking. Read more: Oeschinensee – the most beautiful hike in the world.

31. Mont Saint-Michel Abbey, France

Mont Saint Michel Abbey in France

There is something about the Mont Saint Michel that is difficult to put in words. It has incredible views and such a unique atmosphere. Try to visit off season or avoid the crowds like we did – find out: Our day at Mont Saint Michel with kids.

32. Tuscany, Italy

The rolling hills of Tuscany region in Italy

It’s impossible to pick just one favorite place in Tuscany region in Italy. Tuscany has it all: the most beautiful landscapes, historical towns, wonderful art, Italy’s best wineries, great food and (usually) good weather. Read more: Most beautiful towns of Tuscany and One week Tuscany trip itinerary.

33. Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal India

We visited many beautiful places in India, but it was one of the few destinations that we are not eager to go back to again. Taj Mahal, however, is worth a trip to India all by itself! It’s a fascinating place that has to be experienced first hand. Definitely one for your bucket list!

34. Alsace region France

Colmar in Alsace region France

This picture is from the picturesque town of Colmar, just one of the many incredibly quaint towns in the Alsace region in Northern France. If you have time for just one town in the area, don’t miss Strasbourg.

35. Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Khalifa Dubai

I was a bit sceptical about visiting Dubai as it seemed to artificial. In a way, it is. But you just have to admire the vision of the people who turned a small village in the desert into the world metropole that Dubai is today. There is so much to see and do in Dubai, but Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world – is definitely not to be missed. Read also: Best Dubai activities and What to see and do in Dubai in 1, 2 or 3 days.

36. Yunnan Province, China

Jade Spring Park in Lijiang city in Yunnan province in China

Pictured is the Jade Spring Park in Lijiang city in Yunnan province in China. Yunnan province was probably the most authentic region we visited in China. Whether you are looking for natural wonders, beautiful ancient towns or incredibly diverse cultural experience, Yunnan has it all. It’s nothing like Beijing, Shanghai or other big cities, it’s real rural China and definitely not to be missed.

37. Okaukuejo Waterhole in Etosha National Park, Namibia

Okaukuejo waterhole in Etosha National Park Namibia

Why does a waterhole make it to my top destinations list? Okaukuejo in Etosha National Park is not just any waterhole; it’s like watching National Geographic channel live! Hundreds of animals come and go all day (and night) long. All you have to do is comfortably install yourself on one of the many benches and let the African wildlife come to you. It’s not the same as going on safari, of course, but it’s an incredible experience, one that is not to be missed in Namibia!

38. Bali, Indonesia

Pura Tanah Lot in Bali

Bali is one of our favorite destinations in Asia. To me, it’s the best of Asia on a rather small surface, allowing you to get a taste of a very different culture without having to travel around too much. Maybe that’s why it became so popular with foreign tourists recently?

39. Panorama Route, South Africa

Panorama Route in South Africa

After extensive traveling of several years, we decided to take a break. We both had a feeling that we had seen so many beautiful places and it was difficult to get excited about new destinations at that time.

After a while we booked a 2-week trip to South Africa. On the first evening in South Africa a couple of hippos walked into the garden of our hotel, just meters from the table where we were having dinner. The next day we were standing at this viewpoint on the Panorama Route and my husband said something I’ll never forget: ‘just when I though we’ve seen it all, South Africa has proven me wrong’.

It was here, at this place, that we knew that we would continue to travel as much as we could, as often as we could, and as far as we could. Read also: Why in the world do you have to travel so far?!

Of course this list isn’t complete (or it would have to be 393939 amazing destinations all over the world). Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what your favorites are. We are always looking for new ideas for our next trips!

I hope this post will inspire you to travel more and explore new places!

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39 Amazing Destinations Worldwide - Most beautiful places from our travels all over the world


  1. Just out of curiousity, have you been to every country in Europe?

    1. Author

      No, Kristof, I haven’t and to tell you the truth, I don’t have that ambition at all. We once started counting the countries we visited and then realized that it doesn’t matter. This year we are going back to Lithuania, Iceland, Switzerland, and Italy – all our favorites and all the places that we have visited many times already. We rather go back to the country that we absolutely love and stay 2- 3 weeks there, instead of ‘visiting’ 15 countries in that same period just to say that we’ve been there.

  2. Hello, I’m Mexican, your travels are very inspiring, they extend my horizon and added many places to my list.
    I don’t know if you have done The Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain. It’s a wonderful trip that I made with my daughter and that I always remember and recommend a lot.
    Congratulations on your blog and good travels around the world!

    1. Author

      Thank you, Emilio. And no, we haven’t hiked the Camino, but I once saw a very touching movie about it – looks like an amazing experience. Happy travels to you too!

      1. I have yet to visit most of the places I want to visit but Ive started last year Mexico this year Hawaii next year Mexico and Honduras in two years Jamaica and Hawaii again!

        1. Author

          Sounds great! Enjoy your travels, Bryan!

        2. where is pakistan????

          1. Author

            We have never been to Pakistan and this list is just a tiny part of the most amazing places we have visited in the past. Maybe one day 🙂

  3. That’s a lot of travel inspiration in one place! Would need years to see all these places… Where does one start?

    1. Author

      🙂 The choice is yours. I’d say start with a few places that aren’t too far/ too expensive and then once the travel bug bites, you will never stop traveling :).
      Happy travels!

      1. I’ve definitely got the travel bug!

  4. How old are your kids now? And how you handle school for them?

    1. Author

      Hi Martha, our kids are now 8, 8, and 10. They are at school and have been since they were 2,5-3 years old actually. School is obligatory from 6 years here in Belgium, so we made some longer trips before they were that age.
      Now we only travel during school holidays and not even during all of them. The older the kids get, the more they want to stay home and play with their friends, go on summer camps, etc. We still make several trips a year, 1-3 weeks at a time. We find that it gives us more than enough opportunities to explore the world, but of course it means that we can’t travel for longer periods at once. The biggest disadvantage, I find, is that we’re bound to be traveling in high season, so we always try to book our trips (especially far trips) long in advance.
      Traveling full-time is not something that appeals to us. Pre-kids we travelled quite extensively and both found that we didn’t appreciate it that much after a while. We prefer the excitement of planning a trip, looking forward to it, and then we enjoy coming home just as much. I find that we appreciate our trips more now that we have less time to do them. 🙂

  5. All the destination seems to be a perfect fit for any vacations. I just love the photos which are making me crazy about all the places.

    1. Author

      Thank you, Joseph. Glad to hear you found lots of travel inspiration in here.
      The more we travel, the more I realise how diverse our world is, and it’s truly one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your family – a gift of travel.
      Happy travels!

  6. So cool, This is a very impressive blog on traveling destinations world wide. Thanks for sharing this..!!

  7. Thanks Jurga for this post! I have been looking for some inspiration for travel but haven’t found the kind of places that excite me/us in one single blog so far! This is the first ever post that listed every place that my heart loves to travel to… We have an infant though. So hard to travel in next few years. But, do u have any compilation of places just in USA? Would help us lot in traveling around US, if u have one…

    Thanks heaps in advance! Cheers to your safe travels and making many more memories!

    1. Author

      Hi Shru, glad to hear you found this inspiring. If you want to travel and see the world, just go for it. We have three kids and travel with them everywhere, ever since they were born… And yes, it is challenging, but also very rewarding. You can find some travel inspiration and tips for family travel here.
      Anyway, I understand if you want to stay close to home till your baby gets older. Unfortunately, I don’t have similar list to this one just for the US, but I’m sure you can find some ideas in our USA travel posts. We also have a similar list of the most beautiful scenic drives from all over the world, it has quite a few trips from the United States. All this should give you plenty of ideas of places to visit. There are so many amazing destinations in the US!
      Happy travels.

  8. Why dont you consider slovenia or malta ?

    1. Author

      I consider so many destinations, also Slovenia, Malta, and many others here in Europe and beyond. We just need more time… 🙂

  9. thank you i love looking at gods creations

    1. Author

      The world is so diverse and there are so many beautiful places. Glad you enjoyed the pictures, Jamie. Happy travels!

  10. If I ever get an opportunity, I would definitely love to visit these amazing destinations. The great list to follow.

  11. Jurga, It is really hard to choose one place from this list. I have a limited time for a summer holiday but couldn’t decide my travel destination yet. Which one is your favorite?

    1. Author

      Hi Amy, there are so many destinations that are worth a trip. It depends on where you’re from, what’s your budget, interests, how much time you have, etc. etc. It’s impossible to choose just one favourite. I could re-visit so many places and my list of places to go to is never-ending as well…
      If you’re near Europe and are looking for a quick affordable break, I’d consider Portugal this summer. Central Portugal for culture and Algarve for the beautiful beaches.

  12. I’m so happy to see South Africa feature on your list more than once. Made my day today.

    1. Author

      Hi Danel, South Africa is one of our all-time favourites! 😉

  13. Some very inspirational travel photos and destinations. I’ve got a lot of traveling to do yet! Thanks for sharing, Robert 🙂

    1. Author

      Thank you, Robert. The more we travel, the more I realise how little we have seen… 🙂 I guess traveling just does that to you – there is always another exciting destination and a hidden gem to be discovered, no matter how much you have seen already…
      Happy travels!

  14. So cool! Those are amazing pictures! You have been to all of these locations?? We need to step up our game!

    1. Author

      Thanks, Greg. Yes, we have been to all of the places from this list, but then again, we didn’t do it in one year. 😉 The worst thing is, is that our list of places still to be visited is much longer than this… 😉

      1. I know the feeling Jurga! The more places we go, the longer our list of places we want to go gets! Going one place usually opens our eyes to many new destinations and possibilities!

  15. Wow wow wow you’ve been to SO many places on my bucket list and these photos are all so gorgeous that they make me want to book them all immediately.

  16. A very big congratulations on your 1year anniversary blogging that is a great achievement. You have been to some amazing places over the last 15 years and your pictures want me to add more to my bucket list.

    1. Author

      Thank you, Melissa. I can’t believe it’s been a year already. I’ve learned SO much!

  17. Wow, I’m really impressed with how many places you’ve visited! After a year of non-stop traveling, we’ve only seen such a small part of the world. It feels like we’ve seen a lot, but it actually isn’t. Still more than most people though. Anyway, it was an amazing experience and we will definitely keep traveling. One day we’ll be able to compile such an impressive list as yours. 😉

    1. Author

      Thank you, Birthe. A year of non-stop traveling must have brought you to some amazing destinations too! I’m sure you have seen more in a year than 98% of people in their lifetime! It’s not about how many places you’ve been to or how much you saw, it’s about the experience itself and how it shapes you as a person. Traveling changes you for good. Enjoy it!

  18. Wow – you have been to some absolutely beautiful places Jurga, I’ve barely scratched the surface of your travels. Rome is my favourite city and Costa Rica my favourite country. And, I absolutely love that picture of the tree in Namibia. Great post Jurga!

    1. Author

      We still have to travel to South America and Costa Rica looks beautiful, Alex. It won’t be happening soon though, next year it’s all about Europe. There are only so many vacation day in a year…

  19. You have been to a lot of places and each of them vie with each other to occupy the pride of place. All of them are lovely places and would figure on any travelers list. Have been to some of them and some of our favourites include Paris, Rome and the Taj Mahal.

  20. Wow~ This is a fantastic list! Thanks for helping my Bucket List grow.

  21. What an amazing list! Even though there are 39 destinations I’m sure it was a tough list to make from 15 years of travel. What’s your secret?!

    1. Author

      Ha ha, fellow traveller I suppose. It’s indeed not easy (not to say impossible) to pick ‘the best’ destinations from so many trips. Nevertheless, these are all one by one places we love and would love to go back to, only the very best.

  22. I haven’t been to a lot of the places on this list – looks like I have some catching up to do! I completely agree with Milford Sound. That trip was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited.

  23. Difficult to choose Jurga as I love so many of these places… South Africa I think is my favourite and of the places I have yet to visit from your list Iceland would be my Number 1!

  24. Wow, wow, my bucketlist just grew bigger. Awesome photos and destinations! Thank you.

    1. Author

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, Plushy.

  25. You definitely have traveled to some amazing places over the years. I’m sure there are just as many places you’d like to see over the next 15 years of traveling.

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