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Gondola Ride in Venice (2024): 7 Tips for a Better Experience

Gondola Ride in Venice (2024): 7 Tips for a Better Experience

Looking for the best gondola ride in Venice? In this article, we share our top tips for a better Venice gondola experience. Find out!

A Venetian gondola ride is a real bucket-list experience. And, as cliché as it sounds, no trip to Venice would be complete without a gondola ride. It’s like visiting New York and not going to the Statue of Liberty or going to Paris and not visiting the top of the Eiffel Tower…

So even if you have just 1 day in Venice, a ride on a traditional Venetian gondola is one of the experiences that you really shouldn’t miss!

For centuries, black gondolas have been the unmistakable symbol of Venice. Even people who’ve never been to Italy would identify the city just by seeing a picture of a black gondola. Venetian gondolas and canals are among the most iconic and most recognizable images in the world.

If you are wondering if it’s worth taking a gondola ride in Venice, how much it costs, where to (not) do it, or how to make the most of your experience, then read on. In this article, we share some tips and useful info that should help you avoid disappointment and have a truly unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience. Find out!

TIP: If you want to prebook a gondola ride in Venice, we recommend this highly-rated option. You can choose between different starting locations and private or shared gondola rides.

PRO TIP: Alternatively, consider a guided city highlights tour that – among other things – includes a ride on a Venetian gondola. This will save you a lot of planning stress, time, and also money since these tours usually offer amazing value. We recommend this city highlights & gondola tour. Among other things, it includes a visit to St. Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, and a gondola ride.

Tips for the best gondola ride in Venice

Tips for Venice gondola:

1. Know what to expect

Already in the 13th century, Venice started to ban horses in the busiest parts of the city. Gradually, gondolas became a popular means of transportation, especially among the upper classes.

However, today, Venetian gondolas are no longer used as a means of transportation. So don’t just walk up to a gondolier asking him to bring you to San Marco’s Square or to Rialto Bridge. For that, you’ll either have to take a water taxi, a vaporetto (public water bus), or walk.

You can ask the gondolier to drop you off at a different place than where you started, but usually, they won’t go out of their usual route in order to bring you somewhere.

Nowadays, gondolas are mainly used for the entertainment of tourists – for sightseeing, romantic evenings, or simply to experience Venice in a similar way as people have done for centuries.

There are quite some rules and regulations meant to ensure a similar ‘authentic’ experience for all tourists and fair business for gondoliers.

For example, gondoliers have their own standing places and the routes they take. They are also required to wear the same ‘uniform’ – black pants, a striped shirt, closed dark shoes, and a banded straw hat. And even gondola ride times and prices are uniform everywhere in Venice. More about it below.

Even the size, shape, and color of an official Venetian gondola used for work is fixed. It has evolved over hundreds of years and is strictly regulated.

For example, already in the early 17th century, it was decided that all Venetian work gondolas should be black. The current shape of the gondola has remained unchanged since the beginning of the 20th century… The only thing that differs is how each gondolier chooses to decorate their gondola.

Venetian gondolas on the Grand Canal
Traditional Venetian gondolas on the Grand Canal

2. Don’t take the first gondola you see

Even though all Venetian gondolas and gondoliers look pretty much the same and they all charge the same prices, your gondola ride will be unique depending on where you take a gondola.

They can be found all over Venice and take different routes. So even if you’ve been on a gondola in Venice before, chances are very small that your second experience will be similar to the first one. It depends so much on where your ride starts.

I don’t think that you can have a really ‘bad’ gondola ride anywhere in Venice. But I also think that it will be more special if your gondola route includes a combination of some quieter places and impressive landmarks.

So for the best gondola ride in Venice, I recommend choosing a route that includes some smaller canals as well as a part of the Grand Canal southwest of Rialto Bridge. It’s here that you get to see the most impressive Venetian palaces dating from the 13-18th centuries, the glory days of the Republic of Venice.

At the same time, you don’t want to take a gondola that only tours the busy Grand Canal or the waters close to St. Mark’s Square and skips smaller and quieter canals. Because you’d miss that special experience of riding Venetian gondola on the narrow canals, under bridges, and past the more authentic parts of Venice.

Furthermore, it’s usually so busy on the Grand Canal and at St. Mark’s Square that there’s not much authenticity left. Instead of telling you about the sights along the way or singing, your gondolier will be occupied with the bumper-to-bumper ride and trying to avoid crashing with the other gondolas or boats.

On the other hand, if you want to see St. Mark’s Square and the Doge’s Palace from the water and sail under the famous Bridge of Sighs, you should take a gondola ride starting near St. Mark’s Square.

TIP: Make sure to ask a gondolier which route they take. We recommend waiting to take a gondola until you’re quite close to the Grand Canal, but not directly at it. On our most recent visit to Venice, we took a gondola at Ponte San Polo (see map) and it was just perfect. Our route included some very quiet canals, but also a small part of the Grand Canal. We loved it!

Gondola ride on the Grand Canal in Venice
Our gondola tour included a small part of Grand Canal
Gondola ride under a bridge in Venice
Riding a gondola on the narrow canals and under bridges somehow feels more authentic

3. Choose a friendly gondolier

In my view, a big part of your experience will depend on which gondolier you choose.

A friendly chap willing to talk to you and tell you more about the sights along the way will make your ride so much more pleasant. Sometimes, gondoliers also take a picture of you in the gondola or sing a song along the way…

Whereas if you take a gondola with someone who is in a bad mood or spending his time on a smartphone, it might ruin the whole experience.

So talk to the gondoliers before you get on the boat, get the feel of how friendly they are, and don’t be afraid to walk away and find somebody else if they look and sound overly arrogant.

TIP: Gondoliers will be more friendly and relaxed when it’s quiet and they are not too tired. For that, it’s best to avoid busy times and summer heat. Below, you can find our recommendation for the best time for a gondola ride in Venice.

Gondolier steering Venetian gondola through a very narrow canal
Gondolier steering a gondola through a very narrow canal

4. Go in the morning

If you are visiting Venice in spring or in summer, the best time to go on a gondola is in the morning before it becomes too hot. There is no shade on the gondolas, so you’ll be in full sun all the time. Our gondolier said that it gets so warm during the day that it’s just not pleasant. It might be different in the lower season, but in summer – try to avoid going on a gondola in the middle of the day.

Furthermore, not many tourists take gondolas in the morning. So it’s much quieter on the canals and gondoliers are more relaxed and friendlier. We were the first clients of the day and our gondolier was super enthusiastic and very friendly, but without overdoing it (if you know what I mean).

He also took his time on the Grand Canal so our ride was longer than expected. And he even sang a nice romantic Italian serenade without us having to ask for it. It felt more spontaneous and more authentic.

Alternatively, you can also choose to take a Venetian gondola ride in the early evening, at sunset, or even in the dark. However, gondoliers will be more tired in the evening. You should also know that rates are higher after 7 PM. So if you’re hoping for a romantic gondola ride at sunset, be prepared to pay more. More info about how much it costs – below.

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Venice Grand Canal as seen from a gondola
Venice’s Grand Canal was very quiet on a Saturday morning in July

5. Bring cash & don’t negotiate

As already mentioned, the gondola business is highly regulated in Venice. The prices of gondola rides are the same all over the city, determined by the ‘comune’ of Venice, and non-negotiable.

At the moment of the last update in 2024, a 30-minute gondola ride in Venice costs 90 EUR during the day and 110 EUR in the evening or at night (from 7 PM to 3 AM). Evening/night rides are officially a bit longer – 35 minutes. This is the price you pay for a private gondola that can be shared with up to 5 people.

In the past, the number of passengers allowed was 6, but now Venetian gondolas only allow bookings for 5. Recently, the city has introduced a limit of 5 passengers in a gondola due to safety concerns…

The duration of your Venetian gondola ride is 30-35 minutes. However, it will also depend on how busy it is on the canals. So on a quiet day, your gondolier might cover their standard route in 20-25 minutes, whereas if it’s busier, it might take longer.

If you want to take a longer trip, the price will depend on the duration of your ride. It will be calculated proportionally. So a 1-hour trip will likely cost over 200 EUR.

Because the rates are set by the city, you cannot negotiate the price of a standard 30-minute gondola ride. But if you are going on a longer tour and it’s not very busy that day, you might be able to agree on a somewhat lower price. Make sure to do it in advance, before you get on the boat, and don’t count on it.

Good to know: Unless you pre-book a gondola tour, you’ll have to pay cash for your gondola ride. So make sure you have enough money on you.

Private Venice gondola tours that you can pre-book online are usually a bit more expensive than the official rates. Shared tours are usually cheaper online. The only reason to book a private gondola tour in advance would be if you are short on time and want to be absolutely sure that you can do it at a specific time and place. If you do want to book your gondola tour in Venice, you can find the best deals here.

Gondola service rates in Venice
Venetian gondola service sign with official rates.

6. Save money by taking a shared gondola

If you are traveling on your own or just with two people and find the gondola price too high, you can also opt for a shared gondola ride. Ideally, you find 2-4 other people to share a ride with.

However, since it’s usually a bit difficult to arrange your own ‘group’ on the go, you may want to pre-book a shared gondola tour. It costs more than 1/5th of the price of a private tour, but that’s because you won’t always have a full gondola and it’s hard to know that in advance (for you, but also for the gondolier).

TIP: For a really cheap gondola ride in Venice, you may try the traghetto gondola service called “parade ferries”. It’s a ferry service used mainly by locals who want to get from one side of the Grand Canal to the other – so not to navigate the canals but to cross them. For just 2.5 EUR, you can cross the Grand Canal in a real Venetian gondola.

You can find this service at the following locations: Dogana, Santa Maria del Giglio, San Tomà, Riva del Vin, Riva del Carbon, and Santa Sofia. It’s the cheapest way to ride a gondola in Venice!

However, you can’t compare this short ferry experience with a regular gondola ride.

Traditional Venetian gondolas at Rialto Bridge
Traditional Venetian gondolas at Rialto Bridge

7. Just do it!

If you are wondering whether Venice gondola rides are worth it, I’d say go for it (just don’t forget to take our tips into consideration)! Yes, it’s expensive, touristy, and all those things…

But there is only one place in the world where you can take an authentic Venetian gondola through the picturesque canals of a stunning floating city, and that’s Venice. And how often will you be in Venice? For most people, it’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

If you don’t take a gondola ride in Venice, you’ll probably end up regretting it later on. At the end of the day, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, don’t we?! And so my advice is not to miss this bucket list opportunity. If done right, it will make your whole trip to Venice so much more special!

Our experience: We’ve been to Venice several times and have taken a gondola ride twice. As I said before, no two experiences will be the same, but we enjoyed both rides very much. It remains a truly special experience and I’d absolutely do it again next time we are in Venice.

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Venice gondola tour
To us, a gondola ride in Venice was absolutely worth it

Venice Gondola with Kids

I couldn’t publish this article without adding this small section for families. If you are wondering whether you can take a gondola in Venice with kids, yes, absolutely!

Taking a gondola is safe and kids will be just as impressed with all the sights around them as you.

We even saw gondolas with young kids in a stroller in them. By the way, check out our post on Venice with a baby or a toddler if planning to visit the city with very young kids!

Our experience: On our most recent trip to Venice, we took a gondola ride with our three boys (age 9, 9, 11) and I thought they might find it too boring. But I haven’t seen them as quiet, as impressed, and as interested in something for a long time! They all loved it! The special boat with all its decorations, the singing gondolier, the centuries-old palazzos on the water… Our kids truly enjoyed the gondola ride in Venice! I’m sure that it will be one of the few things they’ll remember from the city even many years later.

Gondola ride on the narrow canals in Venice
Kids loved the gondola ride, especially the narrow canals

So, these are our top tips for a gondola ride in Venice. I hope that this will help you have a better experience and truly enjoy your gondola tour. Below, you can find an overview with some frequently asked questions and our answers.

Venice Gondola FAQs

How much does a gondola ride in Venice cost in 2024?

The standard 30-minute gondola ride in Venice costs 90 EUR during the day and 110 EUR in the evening or at night (from 7 PM to 3 AM). This is the fixed price you pay for a private gondola ride and not per person.

How to get a cheap gondola ride in Venice?

There are three ways to get a cheaper gondola ride in Venice: 1. You can share a gondola with other people and split the cost. 2. You can book a shared gondola tour. 3. You can take a gondola-ferry service used to get from one side of the Grand Canal to the other. For more info, see our tip #6 above.

Is gondola ride in Venice worth it?

Yes, a gondola ride in Venice is absolutely worth it! While it is not cheap and it can feel a bit touristy, it’s a real bucket-list experience that you really have to do when visiting Venice. Furthermore, going on a gondola allows you to explore places that you wouldn’t see otherwise.

What is the best gondola ride in Venice?

There is no one best gondola ride in Venice. So much depends on the gondolier, his mood, and on the location where you take the gondola. We recommend taking a gondola at one of the smaller canals southwest of Rialto Bridge (ask if the route also includes Grand Canal), or not too far from St Mark’s Square (ask if the route passes the Bridge of Sighs).

When is the best time for a gondola ride in Venice?

We recommend going for a gondola ride in the morning. It’s not too busy on the canals, gondoliers are rested and in a good mood, and it’s also not as hot as it gets during the day. For a more romantic experience, go in the evening, but beware that it costs more and you are likely to get a shorter and less personalized ride because the demand is high.

Do you have to book a gondola ride?

No, you don’t have to book a gondola ride in Venice in advance. While there are tours available (and can be recommended if you are in a hurry and want to be sure you have the time and the place you want), you can usually easily get a gondola without any advance booking. See tip #5 for more information.

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Venetian gondola ride - top tips for a better experience

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Monday 15th of April 2024

Hi. Thanks for the great article. Can you send me the name of the gondola company and location in Ponte San Polo where you took your gondola? I can't seem to find it on GoogleMaps. Thanks so much.


Monday 15th of April 2024

Hi Esther, there are gondolas all over the place and I wouldn't know the company name (if any) of the one we took. The options available/routes they take seem to change all the time too. If you have time and are flexible, just walk around and you'll find one. If your time is limited and you want to book in advance, you can find tons of options here. This is one of the most popular tours at the moment - it allows you to choose several different starting locations and shared or private tour. Hope this helps.


Tuesday 5th of March 2024

No question, I just wanted to thank you for this article! I was nervous about how/where/when to get a gondola in Venice and now I feel like I know everything I need to know to do it successfully. I’m also really glad my family is only 5 people so that we can all fit in one boat. Thanks!


Thursday 7th of March 2024

Thanks for the feedback and glad to help, Abby. Have a great time in Venice!


Sunday 11th of June 2023

What constitutes early morning for gondolas? Im a teacher in NYC, early for me would be lke 7am! lol Is 830 too early or should we look for one about 9am? I am not looking for the San Marco or Rialto Bridge area, but not that far away from it either.


Monday 12th of June 2023

Hi Lisa, I think 9-10 am should be just fine. Too early and the gondoliers may not be awake yet ;). I guess it also really depends on the season. Summer will be much busier so there will be more people working earlier. You can always just start walking around the city and see what you come across. Enjoy Venice!


Saturday 10th of June 2023

I'm curious. Did you book your own gondola ride with Get Your Guide? The links you share to Get Your Guide - people complained about the trip being 18 to 20 mins instead of 30. One review says not to book with Get Your Guide as they charged 157.50 euros vs 100 euros if you don't book or even 100 euros (private booking) on another website I see. Based on the negative reviews, I'm hesitant to book on Get Your Guide. The issue with pre-booking gondola is the unreliability of tour companies, not to mention the extra price mark-up.


Saturday 10th of June 2023

Hi Ivy, we have been to Venice many times. Sometimes we booked the gondola upfront, sometimes we just took one like that. As I said in my article, booking is not a must and if you are flexible and have time, you can just find a gondola once you are there and the prices in Venice are fixed. Booking online in advance has some advantages. The main one being that you are sure about the place and the time, so it's perfect for people who are really short on time. Another advantage is that if you are on your own or just two people, you can book a shared gondola ride which is difficult to do on the spot. But yes, booking online might also mean that you are paying more than the official prices. As for GetYourGuide, we use this website on a daily basis, we have personally booked hundreds of tickets and tours through them, and only had positive experiences. Keep in mind that they are just a reseller and not a tour operator so they do not set the prices. You should always read tour descriptions and reviews when deciding what to book. But as a one-stop shop for all tickets and tours, GYG is absolutely reliable and I can recommend them without hesitation. I cannot vouch for every company running gondola tours though. Once again, read customer reviews so that you know what to expect if you decide to book upfront. Hope this helps. Have a great trip!


Sunday 28th of May 2023

We will be in Venice in 2 weeks. Are the water levels back to normal?


Tuesday 30th of May 2023

Hi Fernando, as far as I know, yes, everything is quite normal again. Northern Italy got a lot of rain recently, much too much actually. Enjoy your trip!

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