Thousands of people find travel inspiration and information via our blog every day. I get daily emails and comments from our readers sharing their stories and telling me how our blog inspired them to visit one or the other place and how they used our practical tips to help plan the trips… It amazes me how many people actually take the time to come back to the blog after their trip just to say thank you.  This is the reason why I blog!

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I traveled to Iceland over New Years and used your guide as the basis for my itinerary. Thank you so much for publishing this information. It took so much guesswork out of planning and made for an incredible experience… I can’t thank you enough for your introduction and will recommend this to anyone I know wanting to make the trek out there.

We followed your recommendation and hiked at Oeschinensee last week. Thank you so much for sharing this place. We never heard of it before we saw your picture on IG. The views are phenomenal and we are so glad we went. Thought I would let you know.
Nathan & Jamie
Hi, I read your post prior to taking my 8 & 10 yr olds to Yellowstone. We were excited to go to the Boiling River, but when we asked a park ranger about it, he had never heard of it. Your post described its location so clearly we decided to go for it anyway. We found it easily and had a wonderful time there! Thank you for the recommendation and the very clear post – otherwise we never would have known!

Jana Lee
I just wanted to send a message to thank you. We recently returned from 2.5 weeks in Namibia and had an absolutely fabulous time. Your website was INVALUABLE in helping us to plan the trip. Many many thanks!
Hi Jurga, thanks again for your wonderful blog. It has been brilliant for me. I’ve been really struggling with my research [for my Namibia trip] & have read my Lonely Planet guidebook from cover to cover. I’ve been using the TripAdvisor Travel Forum also.
I must say that your blog has been the most helpful research tool that I have found. Thank you so much!Christine Bennett
Dear Jurga,
Greetings from the sunny Cape Town.
I came across your website and blog today and must say, I am so glad I did! You did an absolutely amazing job and I am so excited that I now have a link to send to my clients who are travelling to Africa with smaller children. This will definitely put lots of parents minds at ease.
The info you provide is very detailed and very correct. Two thumbs up.

Romy (owner of a local company that orgnaizes trips in Africa)
Dear Jurga, thanks so much for such a thorough account of your vacation! We are going to Yellowstone and GT next year and the planning became logistically overwhelming. I wasn’t sure in which order to visit some of the sites or where to stay while visiting them. Thanks to your itinerary, tips, and suggestions for accommodations, my trip is planned. I feel confident that my family will have a wonderful time on our trip! Thank you for taking the time to share your various experiences and knowledge!

Valerie T.
Hi Jurga, I just wanted to let you know that I loved your posts about Portugal. My husband and I live in Toronto and we took our two kids, ages 3 & 6, to Lisbon in October. We rented a car and drove North through the country, taking a lot of the tips & suggestions from your site. You helped to make it a truly amazing and memorable experience for all of us. Thank you so much!Reena
Hi Jurga, just wanted to let you know how helpful your website has been to us recently. We have just arrived home from 3 weeks in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. Your advice was more useful than any other site we visited, in fact, I gave your website to our Tour leader to help them!Gary
Just came back from Iceland. Absolutely loved it! And one of the reasons was that we were following your trip description almost to the T. Thank you so much for taking time sharing this great itinerary!Lara
I have been visiting Garda for 7 years and done extensive exploring and struggled to find a helpful review as there so much out there, however this is the very best I have come across, well done this is so helpful in every way.Stefan
Fantastic resource – thanks so much for taking the time to post this! We just got back from 2 weeks in Norway & Sweden. I studied this post and took your advice to heart! … Everything went like clockwork and we had an excellent trip.
Your blog is beyond amazing! Thank You for taking the time to not only provide a day by day itinerary, but for providing the interactive map as well! It has made planning the Yellowstone/Teton portion of our NP 2019 trip so much easier!

Dear Jurga, we have three teenaged daughters. Typically we’ve chosen the destination and they have not in the past expressed any interest in or curiosity about our destinations. Recently the 16-year old came across your blog; she proactively came up with a ranked list of 10 places she wants to go – and we are headed to Portugal in December. She’s also put together a list of activities she wants to do while there (which is how I figured out your blog was her inspiration.) So thank you for providing inspiration to teenaged American girls!

Your blog is better than any travel agency so far! We love it and wanna explore the Outback like you did.Dimidaco
You should charge for this guide…it’s that good! Kernal
Hi, Jurga. Happy New Year and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for your blog. My daughter and I recently completed a 6-day stay in Iceland. We followed your suggested itinerary for a winter visit there, and I’m so glad we did. You made our trip planning so easy, and all of your suggestions were just great! Your blog is a wonderful resource. Thank you again for it!Amy
Being from northwest Montana, we have visited Yellowstone as many times as we can. Love it there. This summer we are taking our 7 year old granddaughter on a camping trip. Your post is the best I have read, about things to do with kids in Yellowstone. I appreciate the post and will take some of your ideas along with us on our trip.Cheryl Monroe
I saw your itinerary and booked up our tickets to Iceland…Shirish
…Then I found your blog. I felt like I was there. For an instant, I’ve experienced the journey that took you and your family there… I will pray for your safe travels and that you may continue to contribute largely to other people in need of information, continue to inspire others and provide numerous helpful travel tips. So, looking at your blogs and researching, I was becoming more excited about our trip.

Again, thank you for all the helpful information.Rael

Thanks Jurga! During our 4 days stay we visited all [the hidden gems of Rome from this list]. Without your tips, we would never have found some of these places.Helma
Thanks so much for this post! I loved it so much I printed it out and brought it along on our trip! We spent 3 nights in Yellowstone and saw most of what you listed. The boiling river was so cool! We wouldn’t have known about it without this blog. I bought a book for more details, but used this blog post to plan our daily itineraries.Christina
We’re back from our excursion to Southern Africa, and I just wanted to thank you again for the helpful information and advice you gave me before we left. We had a great, gratifying time, and took some pictures that please us greatly. All the best, and thanks again.Michael
I’m in love with your blog! So much useful information!
I just came from Namibia yesterday with a 3 years old girl an a 1 year old boy and your blog helped a lot! It was a very pleasant trip.
Now I’m planning the next one, some where in Africa again; Seychelles? Garden Route? I’m here, reading your post to decide, I’ll tell you later. Safe trips!
I’ll let you into a little secret – I have never been inspired enough to travel the huge distance to Australia but in one post you have convinced me!
Hi! I’m a new fan of your blog. Just wanted to say thank you- my roommate and I spontaneously bought plane tix to Iceland and will be following your 7 day itinerary from the blog! It’s been very helpful in planning our trip.Joe
Jurga, your work on Full Suitcase is admired by my daughters. We are currently in Iceland, but before we left the girls did a lot of reading on Full Suitcase & were super excited. They just love seeing the pictures and reading your stories. You sure inspire them half way around the world!Kshama
Wow… Thanks for sharing this… I am planning to visit Iceland in November end and planning to have same itinerary… Your blog has answered all my questions..Piyush
Hello Jurga, On my search for a family trip to Namibia I found your blog and I’m glad I did. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect for such a trip and you reassure on many points.Melanie
Jurga I must beg you to stop! Stop putting on amazing posts about Iceland. I really wanted to go anyway now it’s becoming an obsession! Such inspiration from your posts – I am loving them!Tracy
We are going to Iceland for the first time in February and we used your blog post to help us plan our trip. Thank you!
Izzy Alyce
Oh wow Jurga, you truly capture Iceland in the most amazing way. I love your pictures and what a great experience you had. I want to go back again and experience this magic that you show.
This is exactly what I needed! Thank you so much. Truly informative and relevant information that I will definitely use. A lot of the flights I’ve been looking at do stop over in Dubai – and I’m all about making the most of a trip! So thanks again! Suzannah
Hey Jurga– your blog is a gem!!! I happened upon it as I am planning a 17th wedding anniversary getaway with 4 kids…and I’m never leaving…
Thank you! My husband and I love to travel and we have always been told “enjoy it now because you won’t be able to do it anymore when you have kids.” We just had our baby girl 6 weeks ago and will be headed to Hawaii with her next week. It will be different, but totally worth it! Thanks for reassuring us that you can travel with kids.Rachel
Thank you for this fabulous information!! We are going to Namibia for our honeymoon, and have had some trouble finding good information. Thank you so much for your advice.
Spectacular photos and great advice!! Thanks for sharing! You’ve just bumped Iceland up a notch on my bucket list.
Hello Jurga! I loved your post and itinerary! It convinced my husband that Portugal might be a great trip for our family next year…Caroline
Awesome view and I just read your blog and I’m going to add Fløri to my Norway list@solotravelz
I am returning from Iceland today. Winter had just arrived about the middle of my trip. Jurga’s packing tips really saved my life…DeAnna