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We followed your recommendation and hiked at Oeschinensee last week. Thank you so much for sharing this place. We never heard of it before we saw your picture on IG. The views are phenomenal and we are so glad we went. Thought I would let you know.
Nathan & Jamie
…Then I found your blog. I felt like I was there. For an instant, I’ve experienced the journey that took you and your family there… I will pray for your safe travels and that you may continue to contribute largely to other people in need of information, continue to inspire others and provide numerous helpful travel tips. So, looking at your blogs and researching, I was becoming more excited about our trip.

Again, thank you for all the helpful information.Rael

I’ll let you into a little secret – I have never been inspired enough to travel the huge distance to Australia but in one post you have convinced me!
Very tempted to jump on a plane now!Tilly
Jurga, your work on Full Suitcase is admired by my daughters. We are currently in Iceland, but before we left the girls did a lot of reading on Full Suitcase & were super excited. They just love seeing the pictures and reading your stories. You sure inspire them half way around the world!Kshama
Hello Jurga, On my search for a family trip to Namibia I found your blog and I’m glad I did. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect for such a trip and you reassure on many points.Melanie
Jurga I must beg you to stop! Stop putting on amazing posts about Iceland. I really wanted to go anyway now it’s becoming an obsession! Such inspiration from your posts – I am loving them!Tracy
Oh wow Jurga, you truly capture Iceland in the most amazing way. I love your pictures and what a great experience you had. I want to go back again and experience this magic that you show.
This is exactly what I needed! Thank you so much. Truly informative and relevant information that I will definitely use. A lot of the flights I’ve been looking at do stop over in Dubai – and I’m all about making the most of a trip! So thanks again! Suzannah
Hey Jurga– your blog is a gem!!! I happened upon it as I am planning a 17th wedding anniversary getaway with 4 kids…and I’m never leaving…
Thank you! My husband and I love to travel and we have always been told “enjoy it now because you won’t be able to do it anymore when you have kids.” We just had our baby girl 6 weeks ago and will be headed to Hawaii with her next week. It will be different, but totally worth it!Rachel
Thank you for this fabulous information!! We are going to Namibia for our honeymoon, and have had some trouble finding good information. Thank you so much for your advice.
Spectacular photos and great advice!! Thanks for sharing! You’ve just bumped Iceland up a notch on my bucket list.
I am returning from Iceland today. Winter had just arrived about the middle of my trip. Jurga’s packing tips really saved my life…DeAnna
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