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Full Suitcase Travel Blog

Hi & Welcome to the Full Suitcase Travel Blog!

Family behind the Full Suitcase travel blog
Hi, we’re the ‘Full Suitcase’ family!

Full Suitcase is a travel website featuring exciting destinations, authentic travel experiences, and no-nonsense trip advice to help you plan your next trip.

Established in 2015, Full Suitcase is now one of the world’s leading family travel blogs with millions of readers all over the world.

Our destination guides, trip itineraries, and practical tips will help you MAKE THE MOST OF EVERY TRIP. Check out some of our favorite destinations below or jump straight to our travel destinations page for a complete overview.

Full Suitcase media features (CNN, BBC, Lonely Planet, BBC World Service Radio, US News & World Report, Lonely Planet Kids, Yahoo)



Some of Our Favorite Travel Destinations

Favorite destination USA
Favorite destination Iceland
Favorite destination Italy
Favorite destination Switzerland
Favorite destination Portugal
Favorite destination Norway


More Travel Inspiration

Favourite places
Most beautiful roads
Best destinations for families


Travel Resources

Book your trip
Photography tips
Family travel tips

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