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Mount Titlis – Great Family Destination in Switzerland

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We are just back from ski holidays in Switzerland and we had a really good time in Engelberg. This time we didn’t spend the whole week of our ski holidays on the slopes… We went skiing every day, but mostly in the morning, and we filled the afternoons playing with our kids in the snow, riding snow tubes and sleds, and one day we even went sightseeing…

Mount Titlis Engelberg

Since we were staying in Engelberg, we decided to visit the most famous landmark of the area – Mount Titlis.

Titlis is the highest glacier excursion destination in central Switzerland. We saw many groups of tourists going up and down the mountain every day and so we waited for a nice sunny day and went up the mountain wondering what is so special about this place that it attracts so many tourists from all over the world…

It turns out, it’s a beautiful place. Not only do you have wonderful far views over the Alps from 10,000 ft, but there are also some extra activities that make this mountain really worth a visit.

Mount Titlis Rotating Cable Car

The Titlis and its glacier park are easiest accessible by taking two different cable cars. The first one is a brand new cable car that connects Engelberg village to Stand. It takes approx. 10 minutes. In Stand you have to switch to another cable car – world’s first revolving gondola that turns 360° during the 5min trip, treating you to some amazing views.

Mount Titlis Cliff Walk and Suspension Bridge

Mount Titlis suspension bridge

Mount Titlis suspension bridge


On top of the mountain you can make a nice short walk to Europe’s highest elevation suspension bridge. We were lucky that the bridge was open the day we went (it closes when the weather is bad or if there is too much wind) and it was a really nice experience in itself. Our kids were very impressed, but they were also very much aware of the fact that the bridge was hanging high above the cliff. The views were absolutely fabulous!

The Cliff Walk continues on the other side of the bridge and looked really nice, but was closed in winter.

Mount Titlis Glacier Cave

Mount Titlis glacier cave

Mount Titlis glacier cave


The Titlis glacier grotto is a blue tunnel in eternal ice. The glacier cave has a 150m long walkway which branches out in several directions and descends deep below the surface of the glacier. Exploring the glacier cave can be done the whole year round, but be aware that it’s a cool experience – the temperature inside the cave is never higher than -1,5˚C (30°F).

Glacier Snow Park and The Ice Flyer

The Ice Flyer is a chair lift that connects the summit to the Titlis glacier snow park. In summer you can go sledding or snowtubing, and in winter you can ski on the summit. There is another snow park, lower down the mountain, at the Hotel Trübsee, which is open for sledding and snow tubing in winter.

How much does it cost to visit Mount Titlis?

If you have a ski pass for the area you can use all the cable cars and the lifts without any extra cost. You shouldn’t miss the chance!
If you are visiting for just a day, you have to buy a return cable car ticket which at the moment costs 89 CHF per person. Kids under 6 are free and under 15 pay half the price. As everything in Switzerland, it’s not cheap and I don’t know if we would have done it if it wasn’t included in the price of our ski pass… On the other hand, almost all of the experiences on the mountain are included in this price. Mount Titlis Rotating Cable Car, the Cliff Walk, the Suspension Bridge, and the Glacier cave are all free of charge. The Ice Flyer costs an additional 12 CHF.

What you need to know when visiting Mount Titlis

Mount Titlis is more than 3,000 meter high (10,000 ft) so you will need warm clothing the whole year round, even in summer, especially if you want to go inside the ice cave or pay a visit to the glacier snow park. There is a possibility to rent warm clothes and shoes on top of the mountain, but it’s often easier and certainly cheaper to bring your own.

There is a gift shop, a restaurant, and bathroom facilities on the summit. There are also several other restaurants between Engelberg and Titlis – there is one in Stand, and one at Hotel Trübsee.

We had a really good time skiing in Engelberg and Mount Titlis was the cherry on the cake. It’s a great family destination, in any season, whether you spend a week, a day, or just a few hours…

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