Best ideas for day trips from Luxembourg

5 Best Day Trips from Luxembourg City

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We used to live in Luxembourg City for two years and, even though the city is green and family friendly, we often found ourselves looking for ways to escape the city and discover some fun places nearby. So in this article I want to share some ideas for family-friendly day trips that you can easily make from Luxembourg City. We’ve done them all, most multiple times, and I can really recommend each and every one of them!

Our family’s favourite day trips from Luxembourg City

1. Echternach Town and Echternach Lake in Luxembourg

Just 30 minutes ride from the city of Luxembourg, you can find a beautiful little town of Echternach. The town is very compact and you don’t need much time to visit the medieval old-town centre with the narrow streets, ancient ramparts, old patrician houses, 7th century Benedictine Abbey, and the churches. Not to be missed is the 15th century Town Hall and the Market Square.

Echternach is also known for the unique dancing procession (part of UNESCO world cultural heritage) which takes part every year on Whit Tuesday and attracts thousands of pilgrims.

Market square of Echternach in Luxembourg

Echternach old town and MArket Square


But Echternach has more to offer than this. The artificial lake of Echternach, located outside the town, is a great destination for families with children. You can find many leisure and sports facilities at the lake: pedal boats, fishing, miniature golf, playgrounds, also Bike Parc, Adventure Island, and jumping. You can make a nice walk, go biking or rollerblading around the lake. We used to go to the lake at least once a month and always enjoyed it.

There are lots of family-friendly activities around Echternach Lake

Echternach Lake is a great place for families looking to escape the city


You can stay in Echternach for a couple of days and do some hiking on the nearby Müllerthal trail – see below. Use this link to find the best hotel deals in Echternach.

2. The Little Switzerland and the Müllerthal trail in Luxembourg

The Müllerthal trail is a 112 km (69 miles) walking trail in Luxembourg’s ‘Little Switzerland’. For the experienced hikers, there are three loops of 37-38 km (23 miles) each, but some parts of the trail are very easily accessible by car, so you can easily make shorter walks on the nicest parts of the trail.


Schiessentümpel waterfall on Müllerthal trail in Luxembourg

Schiessentümpel waterfall – Müllerthal trail


Our favourite areas were: the little Schiessentümpel waterfall, Wolfsschlucht (the wolves’ canyon), Sieweschloeff (the labyrinth), and the Hohllay Caves (the hollow rocks), the Breechkaul (ampitheater), and Perekop – the tall rocks that can be climbed using a narrow staircase between the rocks.

Perekop staircase Mullerthal trail Luxembourg

Perekop – you can climb to the top of the rocks using this narrow staircase


You can spend a couple of hours, a day, or even a week in the area. We used to go there quite often when we lived in Luxembourg city, even though our kids were very young and couldn’t really hike much at that time.

Mullerthal Trail Luxembourg

You can easily do parts of the Müllerthal trail with children


3. Vianden Castle in Luxembourg

The main attraction of Vianden is the castle. Constructed between the 11th and 14th centuries and recently restored, it is one of the most beautiful romanesque-gothic castles of Europe. Count about an hour for a visit to the castle. The views overlooking the village of Vianden and the area are spectacular. Don’t miss it if you’re in Luxembourg.

You can get to Vianden using public transport or by car, of course. Parking can be challenging though. The castle is high on the hill. You can either walk or take a chairlift to the top of the hill and walk down a bit – the castle is a bit below the chairlift station.

The quaint picturesque village of Vianden is also worth a visit. If you like hiking, you can easily spend a weekend in Vianden and explore the area a bit more. Use this link to book hotels in Vianden.

Castle of Vianden Luxembourg

Vianden Castle


4. Trier in Germany

Trier in Germany, less than an hour drive from Luxembourg city, is another great place we used to often go to when we lived in Luxembourg.

Trier is a big town with lots of history, so you’ll need more time to explore it. If you are not interested in the historic sites, you can easily spend a day shopping and dining. Or you can combine the two and make it a fun day out for the whole family.

Hauptmarkt - Market Square in Trier Germany

Hauptmarkt – Market Square in Trier


What to see and do in Trier

Trier is known for the Roman structures, dating to about 180 B.C. The most famous is the Porta Nigra, which is also the best place to begin your sightseeing tour of Trier. The other UNESCO sites in Trier include the Cathedral, Ampitheater, Imperial Baths, Roman Bridge, etc.

Often, it’s nice to just walk around the old town centre. Don’t miss the Main Market Square (Hauptmarkt), Cathedral Square and the Cathedral itself, The Electoral Palace, and The Basilika.

In summer, you can also take one of the family-friendly Mosel river boat trips.

Where to stay in Trier

There are many hotels in Trier, in all price categories. I’d recommend staying in the city centre.

Porta Nigra in Trier Germany

Porta Nigra (180 B.C.)


5. Amneville Zoo – Zoo d’Amnéville – in France

We have visited quite some zoos all over the world, but Amneville zoo in France remains my absolute favourite. It’s a beautiful big zoo with lots of space for its 2,000 animals. There are 360 different species from 5 continents. You can attend the animal feedings or see one of the many shows during the day. Most shows run daily from February to November.

Tiger at Zoo d'Amneville France

You can get really close to the animals in Amneville zoo


Go early in the morning as you will need the whole day to visit the zoo. If you want to see the shows as well, you may easily spend 2 days there. In that case you better book one of the hotels nearby. Perfect way to spend a weekend for family travellers from Luxembourg.

Driving time from Luxembourg city: 50 min.

Gorilla at Amneville zoo

Gorilla at Amneville Zoo


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5 best day trips from Luxembourg city



  1. I am traveling in December to visit my family in Spangdahlem what are the best places to visit around there? I will spend a month but we are going to be taking weekends trips and we have 2 children.

    1. Author

      Hi Martha, some of the obvious choices for places to visit nearby are Trier and Monschau (nice little Christmas market), also Luxembourg city. Also, ask your relatives for the nicest Christmas markets nearby – Germany is the place to be for that and December is the perfect time to be there. I’d highly recommend to visit Cologne, maybe also Bonn and Koblenz. Aachen is really nice and also Maastricht in the Netherlands. You won’t get bored – there are many towns and smaller villages that are really nice at that time of the year.
      Just one thing – you probably want to rent a car unless there is a train station nearby where your family lives.

  2. Hi Jurga,

    I have recently moved to Luxembourg and my husband is coming here for a week. Could you suggest where all I can take him. I dont have a car and rely on public transports like Bus, Tram, Train. Any recommendations will be apprecoated

    1. Author

      Hi Vandana, I think Vianden is a must and you can get there by public transport. Also Trier in Germany is a nice day trip and I guess you can get there by public transport as well. You can also take a train to Brussels, but it takes long, so I’d do this more as a weekend trip.
      Moselle Valley is also very nice to visit, but I’m not sure how to get there without a car…
      Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Jurga,
    I’m an Indian student living in Luxembourg. I visited Trier, Arlon. Can you suggest me any local day trips?

    1. Author

      Hi Deepti, I definitely recommend visiting Vianden castle. Also the Moselle valley is a beautiful day trip from Luxembourg (more info here).
      Some other places relatively close by in Belgium are also nice to see (Dinant, Namur, Bouillon…), but not all easy to get to without the car (not sure if you have one). Also Metz in France should be nice and is not too far.
      If you have a weekend, you can also take a train to Brussels and spend one night/two days in the city. You can even make it a day trip, but it’s a long train ride…

  4. Hi Jurga, thanks for sharing. I am travelling with my husband and 2 kids aged 9 and 4. The zoo in France sounds ideal. I am hoping we can get there by train? Thanks

    1. Author

      Hi Doreen, I don’t think you can get to Amneville zoo by train. It’s a bit outside of any town and the best way to get there is by car.

  5. Hi, We are travelling to keukenhof first week of May. Im very confused in buying the tickets, your blog has made this clear that tulip fields are separate to the gardens. I want to know that to see the fields do we need separate tickets? or the tickets for the gardens bought will allow us to see the fields too. Some tickets say, gardens and skip the queue and some say garden and fields. we want to see the gardens and the fields, how far are the fields? and can we do both on the same day as we don’t want to miss our train from Amsterdam to uk. hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Author

      Hi Bibi, the Keukenhof gardens require an entrance ticket, the fields are just tulip fields – everyone can see them from the road, so no ticket required. You may want to rent a bike though, that way you can cover bigger distances and see the fields easier.
      What you are seeing I guess is the tours that bring you there from Amsterdam – they offer a bus transfer to the Keukenhof gardens and also foresee time to visit the tulip fields. The other option is probably just the entrance ticket to the gardens, so nothing else is included and you have to arrange for your own transportation there.
      PS There is no train from Amsterdam to Keukenhof, not even a direct bus (that’s why organised tours are a good option, because they bring you there from Amsterdam). If you want to use public transport, you have to first take a train to Schiphol airport and from there there are busses to Keukenhof. You can find more info here.
      In this blog post you can find more information about visiting Keukenhof and the tulip fields. In that article I also link to some tours that bring you there from Amsterdam. Hope this helps.
      PS2 I’m not sure how the tulip fields look like the first week of May. Often, the flowers are cut off around that period.

  6. I will be traveling to Luxembourg City soon with my family for a weekend break. I really like the idea of doing some hiking in the Müllerthal on one of our days. We will be traveling via the public transport though, and I was wondering if you know of any trailheads that are near bus stops. I see the waterfall seems possible, do you know about the Perekop?

    1. Author

      Sorry, Erin, but I am afraid I can’t really help you with this. We always took our car. Luxembourg has quite good public transport network, just be careful with the planning as Mullerthal is quite far from Luxembourg City itself. Not sure how much hiking you can do if it takes you a couple of hours to get there and back. Renting a car for a day might be easier and cheaper…

  7. You can buy a ticket for €4 and use the ticket on all public transports until 3am. To get to Vianden, it easy to take the train from Ettlebruck to Clervaux and hope on a bus. Clervaux is a big train station in the northern parts. Vianden now has a ski lift type ride to go over the hills.

    1. Author

      Thanks for sharing this practical info, Viktoria.

  8. Hi Jurga! I’m a British tourist visiting Luxembourg soon and Viaden looks perfect for what I had in mind. How easy is it to get there on public transport? Google Maps tells me it’s a train and a bus from Luxembourg City. Do I buy tickets from tabac shops for the buses in Luxembourg?

    Thank you so much in advance!

    1. Author

      Hi Tom, from what I understand the easiest way to reach Vianden from Luxembourg by public transport is by taking a train to Ettelbruck and then a bus to Vianden. Train ticket you can get at a train station in Luxembourg. I don’t know if you can buy bus tickets at the train station in Luxembourg or Ettelbruck, but you can always ask. Otherwise you can probably just get a ticket from a bus driver.
      I also read that you can use Luxembourg card for both, the public transport as well as the castle, so maybe that’s a good option to consider, depending on what else you plan to see/do in town. Hope this helps.

    2. Unless things have changed since I lived there, if you by a “Longe Durée” railway ticket, it gives you unlimited travel on all Luxembourg public transport for a day – buses trains as much as you wish!

      1. Author

        Thanks for sharing this, Paul. I have to admit that in all the time we lived in Luxembourg we never used public transport outside the city, so it’s good to know that there are options like that for people who don’t have a car to travel around.

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