See the best of Lisbon in one day with this itinerary that brings you to the most beautiful places in Lisboa, Portugal

How to See the Best of Lisbon in One Day (+Map, Itinerary & Tips)

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Are you visiting Portugal and have just one day in Lisbon and are wondering how to see the very best that the city has to offer? This article should give you some great ideas for some of the best things to do in Lisbon in one day. We cover some of the main Lison attractions that you can see in just a day. In addition, you can read about a great activity that you shouldn’t miss when in Lisbon. Find out!

We visited Lisbon with kids, but this itinerary isn’t family-specific. It covers most of the must-see places in Lisbon that every first-time visitor should see. At the same time, the fact that we did this with children, shows that this itinerary should be doable for everyone.

We don’t often visit big cities when we travel with kids. Our recent 10-day trip to Portugal was different, however. We wanted to see the highlights of the country, and so there was no way we would skip Lisbon. At the same time, we knew in advance that we would only want to spend one day in Lisbon with kids. But how to see the best of such a big and interesting city in just one day and with three young kids in tow?

In this post, I am sharing our one day Lisbon itinerary. Despite the fact that we were traveling with three young children and only had one day in Lisbon, we wanted to get the most out of our short stay in the city and see some of the main the highlights of Lisbon.

We managed to see a lot of main tourist sights of Lisbon in a day, but we also took the time to discover more local areas, find some hidden gems, and taste some delicious local food. We ended our day in Lisbon in style by taking a sailing cruise on the Tagus river. Undoubtedly the highlight of Lisbon for the children, and a great relaxing way to end the perfect day in Lisbon for the whole family.

How to spend a perfect day in Lisbon Portugal. See the main highlights of Baixa, wander the narrow streets of Alfama, take Santa Justa elevator and end the day in Lisbon with a sunset sailing cruise on Tagus river. Find all of this and much more in this guide to the best of Lisbon!


Our suggested itinerary for one day in Lisbon, also with kids

Lisbon in one day – our itinerary and walking map

To make the process of planning your day in Lisbon easier, I created this Lisbon walking map that illustrates the walk described in this post. My phone shows that we walked a total of 10km in Lisbon. This includes a 2km walk from the sailing boat to the Time Out Market, which wasn’t such a good idea after all. If I were to do it again, I would definitely take a taxi here as well.

See the best of Lisbon in one day with this itinerary and walking map

Click on the map to enlarge


1. Admire the best viewpoints of Lisbon – Miradouro da Senhora do Monte and Miradouro da Graça

We started our day in Lisbon with a taxi drive to one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the city – Miraduro do Senhora do Monte. It was the highest point of our Lisbon day itinerary and we were very glad we chose to go there by taxi rather than walking. It saved us a lot of climbing and ensured that the kids weren’t exhausted in the morning already.

Miradouro da Senhora do Monte viewpoint in Lisbon

Miradouro da Senhora do Monte


After admiring the view over the city, we walked towards the nearby St. George Castle. On the way there we passed the Graça church and monastery where we stopped at another viewpoint – Miradouro da Graça. This walk was also our first introduction to Portuguese azulejos – traditional tiles that are an essential part of Portuguese architecture.

Miradouro da Graça viewpoint in Lisbon

Miradouro da Graça


2. Visit the Castle of Saint George – Castelo de São Jorge

Our first stop at Alfama was the Castle of Saint George. We had read that the castle itself is not very interesting, but the views over the city are beautiful. The queue at the castle was huge, however, and since we already visited two viewpoints (with more on the itinerary later on), we decided to skip it and spend more time wandering the narrow streets of Alfama. It was a very good choice! Read on…

3. Explore historic Alfama district

The old historic district of Alfama is such a beautiful area to wander around. It’s probably the most authentic district in Lisbon, and one you should take the time to explore more. You can either do it on your own, or by joining an authentic walking tour with a local.

From the castle, we headed to Miradouro de Santa Luzia – another incredible viewpoint over the rooftops of Lisbon. Adjacent to it is Largo das Portas do Sol – a small charming town square with another great viewpoint.

Largo das Portas do Sol viewpoint in Alfama Lisbon

Largo das Portas do Sol viewpoint


Despite the fact that we had a book with an Alfama walking itinerary and map, we quickly got lost in the maze of little streets and narrow passageways. We didn’t mind! We stopped looking at the map and just wandered around the streets that lead to some amazing discoveries: several incredible viewpoints over the rooftops of the old Lisbon, interesting street art, local restaurants, cafés, little shops…

Fado night in Alfama Lisbon

Alfama Café with live Fado music every evening

Portuguese azulejos tiles in Lisbon

Portuguese azulejos tiles


We passed several churches and old buildings with uncountable different patterns of Portuguese azulejos… Local women were hanging laundry to dry while men were sitting on a bench in front of their houses watching an occasional tourist with just as much interest as we were watching them…

Exploring Alfama district in Lisbon with kids

Exploring Alfama


We walked towards the Cathedral of Lisbon (Sé de Lisboa) and watched the famous Lisbon tram 28 make its way through the steep narrow streets and the busy traffic… And as we sat at a local cafe enjoying ice cream and some drinks, we were talking about how Lisbon had such a great atmosphere and how we would love to return for a longer stay in the future.

Famous Lisbon tram 28 passing the Se Cathedral

Famous Lisbon tram 28 passing the Cathedral


It was in these little streets of Alfama that I fell in love with Lisbon. I wished we had more time to explore the city! Unfortunately, we only had one day in Lisbon and so in the afternoon we left Alfama and headed to the busy city center, also known as Baixa (the low part).

Walking the narrow streets of Alfama district in Lisbon

Exploring narrow streets of Alfama


4. Visit Baixa and the must sees of Lisbon

The Commerce Square – Praça do Comércio

We left the narrow streets of Alfama and headed to the Commerce Square (Praça do Comércio). The Commerce Square is a huge town square, once home to a royal palace that was destroyed during the earthquake of 1755. Now it’s home to several government buildings and the statue of King José I right in the middle of it.

The Commerce Square with big open spaces lined by classical buildings with yellow facades and galleries with arcades could not be more different from the old district of Alfama. While life seems to have stood still in Alfama, the city center was bustling with life.

Praca do Comercio in Lisbon

Praca do Comercio


Cais das Colunas

The Commerce Square meets the Tagus river at Cais das Colunas – a marble flight of steps that is flanked by two impressive columns.

Cais das Colunas in Lisbon

Cais das Colunas


Arco Triunfal da Rua Augusta

We spent some time by the Tagus river and then headed Northwards towards the Rua Augusta Arch (Arco Triunfal da Rua Augusta). The impressive arch was built to commemorate the reconstruction of Lisbon after the big earthquake. You can visit the viewing platform at the top for 2,5 EUR/pp.

Rua Augusta itself is a pedestrian street with a variety of shops and restaurants. There are street artists and performers and many vendors selling all kinds of souvenirs and memorabilia. This is probably the most touristy and the busiest area of Lisbon.

Arco Triunfal da Rua Augusta in Lisbon

Arco Triunfal da Rua Augusta


5. Ride the historic Santa Justa Lift

Our next stop was Elevador de Santa Justa. Santa Justa Lift is a 1901 industrial-age masterpiece that brings you from the Baixa district all the way up the Carmo Hill in Chiado district. Even if you have just one day in Lisbon Santa Justa lift is not to be missed!

Elavador de Santa Justa - Santa Justa Lift Lisbon

Santa Justa Lift


There was a long queue at the elevator, but since Elevador de Santa Justa is one of Lisbon’s must-see tourist attractions, we decided to wait. We soon understood why it’s taking so long – the old elevator is incredibly slow. On top of that, everyone has to buy a ticket inside the elevator itself, which seems to take forever. We couldn’t understand why they don’t just open a separate ticket desk; the whole experience would be so much more relaxing for everyone involved.

Anyway, a long wait and an expensive short ride to the top turned out to be well worth the wait. Once on top, you can climb to the viewing platform for the best 360° views over Lisbon.

Santa Justa Lift practical information

  • The lift is open daily from 7Am till 11PM.
  • The Santa Justa Lift ticket price is 5,50 EUR. This includes a trip up, the viewing platform, and the trip back down. Kids travel free. The lift is part of public transport network in Lisbon so you can travel free with a 24hrs public transport ticket (cost 6 EUR). In this case, you’ll probably have to pay separately to access the viewing platform (1,5-2 EUR if I remember well). It’s also included with the Lisboa Card. So it might be worth exploring some of these options, as a single ride is really priced for tourists unaware of alternatives.
Rossio square as seen from Santa Justa Lift viewing platform

View on Rossio square from Santa Justa Lift viewing platform


Praça Dom Pedro IV (also known as Rossio Square or Pedro IV Square)

Rossio Square (Praça Dom Pedro IV) is one of the most popular Lisbon town squares, among the locals and tourists alike. Rossio Square dates from the 18th century; there is even a cafe – Café Nicola – that dates from that period. There are also more traditional shops where you can buy and/or taste typical Portuguese food or drinks.

Rossio Square or Pedro IV Square in Lisbon

Rossio Square

Pasteis de Belem in Lisbon

Make sure to try Pastéis de Belém in Lisbon


I couldn’t get enough of the beautiful patterns on the pavements. While the kids loved a small shop that is specialized in sardines. You could buy a tin of sardines with your birth year on it. Each tin contained a historic fact from that year. I assume the sardines themselves were more recent…

Portuguese sardines shop in Lisbon

Portuguese sardines shop


Don’t miss the incredibly beautiful Rossio railway station as well! The building exterior is worthy of a castle!

Rossio station Lisbon

Rossio station


We ended our 1 day Lisbon city walk at Restauradores Square at the southeast end of Avenida da Liberdade. From here we took a taxi to the Alcantara Docks where we boarded a sailing boat for a different view on Lisbon.

6. Take your family on a sailing cruise in Lisbon

We only spent one day in Lisbon, but even then we were not sure how much the kids could handle as there is so much walking involved in visiting a city. Usually, they are exhausted after a whole day of sightseeing. So in anticipation that this would happen, we booked a sailing cruise on the Tagus river. It would allow us to see more of Lisbon without having to walk, and it would be a fun experience for the whole family!

We really wanted to do a sunset sailing tour, but the sunset was quite late, so, with the kids, we opted for a late afternoon tour. There are so many different options for boat tours on the Tagus river, so you can always find an experience that best fits your wishes and Lisbon trip itinerary. With prices starting around 20-30 EUR per person this is a very affordable luxury and an experience I highly recommend. In my opinion, a sunset sailing tour like this one or a highly rated day sailing tour like this one is an absolute must when in Lisbon!

Lisbon sailing cruise with Marlin Tours

Sailing cruise is fun for the whole family


We were lucky to be the only people on the boat that day. Not only did we have the whole boat to ourselves, we could also choose which part of Lisbon we would sail by. Since we already visited the city center during the day, we chose to see Belém district from the waterside. It was a great choice!

We passed the harbour and Cristo Rei Statue overlooking the city. Under the 25 de Abril Bridge and on to Belém where we could admire some beautiful architecture of old and modern museums standing side by side by the river. We also passed the Monument to the Discoveries, saw Jeronimos Monastery in the distance and sailed all the way to the Tower of Belem.

Monument to the Discoveries in Belem Lisbon

Monument to the Discoveries


If you have two days in Lisbon, I suggest you visit the Tower of Belém and the Jeronimos Monastery on the second day. But if you only have one day in Lisbon, as we did, seeing Belém from a boat is a great alternative. I would still love to see the inside of the monastery, but that’s for the next time.

Belem tower Lisbon

Belém Tower


We loved the sailing cruise as it was such a great and relaxing way to see more of Lisbon without having to walk even more. Our kids give the sailing tour thumbs up as well. Not only were they happy to rest their legs after a long day of exploring Lisbon, but they could also actually pilot the boat and help with the sails. The sailing tour became an absolute highlight of Lisbon for kids! And us? We got the best views, time to relax, and a glass of wine. What more could one wish for?

Lisbon sailing cruise on Tagus river with Marlin Tours

Perfect way to end our day in Lisbon

Sailing the Tagus river in Lisbon with kids

Our kids were so happy they could pilot the boat!


7. Have dinner at the Time Out Market

We ended our day in Lisbon with a late dinner at the Time Out market. It’s a bustling place with tens of different food courts serving a huge variety of local and international dishes and drinks. Highly recommended!

Time Out Market in Lisbon is a great place to try a great variety of Portuguese dishes

Time Out Market


If you have 2 to 3 days in Lisbon

If you have two days in Lisbon, make sure to visit Belem district. Jerónimos Monastery and the Tower of Belem are not to be missed.

Sintra, just outside of Lisbon, is the best day trip you can make from Lisbon. It’s a must! Make sure to read our suggestions for Sintra day trip from Lisbon.

Practical information for visiting Lisbon

  • Getting around. We found that taking a taxi was the best way to get around Lisbon for a family. Taxis are cheap (3-5 EUR for most of the trips we took in the city centre), fast and easy. With five of us, it was probably one of the cheapest options as well.
    Alternatively, you can opt for the Lisbon city card, a 24hr city public transport pass. Taking a hop-on hop-off bus and/or tram is also a very good way to see Lisbon with kids, as the city centre is big and there is a lot of walking and climbing involved.
  • For Lisbon accommodation, I suggest to stay in the city centre, within a walking distance from Baixa and Alfama. We stayed on Av. de Liberdade, close to Rossio square, and the location was perfect for sightseeing, dining, shopping. On top of that, it’s easily accessible by public transport.

So, this is how our day in Lisbon with kids looked like. Have you been to Lisbon? Feel free to share your experience by leaving a comment below!

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How to see the best of Lisbon (Portugal) in one day


  1. Hello Jurga
    We are not traveling with children however enjoyed the itinerary and will likely use it. Glad to come across your website as I was writing off the Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour with its pathetic reviews.
    We will be In Lisbon on Oct. 12 and staying for 48hours. We are excited in taking the sailing cruise. How long did it take? Thank you so much for sharing and all the best to you and family. Cheers!

    1. Author

      Hi Anna, glad to hear you found this useful. We haven’t done the hop-on hop-off bus tour in Lisbon, so I cannot comment on that. The sailing cruises on Tagus river usually take 1-2 hours.
      Enjoy your trip!

  2. Hi Jurga, A friend sent me link to your post and I really enjoyed vicariously living in Lisbon thru it! Thank you! I am going there with my 15 year old son for Thanksgiving ‘2018 for a week. I am planning to visit all the districts in a leisurely way. One question – how safe is it for tourists that don’t know the local language and only speak English? Do you know of any areas to steer clear of? Thanks in advance and great work on your post!

    1. Author

      Hi Sri, glad to hear such a positive feedback. I wouldn’t worry much about safety when exploring Lisbon, we never felt unsafe anywhere. It’s such a great city and a very relaxed atmosphere.
      I can’t really give you any specific advice on places to avoid. If you are worried, best just ask at your hotel. But I think that most tourist areas are really safe, just beware of pickpockets, just like in any other big city.
      Have a great trip and if it’s not too cold, I really recommend a sunset sailing cruise. It was one of the highlights for us. Oh, and maybe a Fado concert – you’ll find them in Alfama I think, or you can even join a local tour, something like this.

  3. Jurga I just want to say an ENORMOUS THANK YOU! I’ve booked last minute flts for me and 8 yr old twins and travelling around for 2 and half weeks (beach at end), so I’m reading ALL your notes with interest and basically using you as my lastminute bible! A million thx!! X

    1. Author

      Glad to hear that you find our blog posts useful for planning your trip to Portugal, Karen. Just please keep in mind that if you are traveling in August it will be VERY hot everywhere, so you may want to limit sightseeing time in towns and spend more time by the pool or at the beach. Especially because you’re there with kids.
      Have a wonderful trip!

  4. Lisbon is such a great city! Fortunately, I have to fly through Lisbon airport every couple of months and every now and then, I get to visit the city as well. I absolutely love eating pasteis de nata – such an incredibly delicious pastry!

    1. Author

      Lucky you visiting Lisbon so often! It’s such a beautiful place.

  5. Hello Jurga! I just want to say thank you and congratulations for your blog! I dont have any kids, but I found your blog very useful and interesting. I am really enjoying your writing!! I discovered the FullSuitCase because your Portugal Trip and since then I had spent a lot of time reading about your other adventures as well. Kudos for you!!

    Eulalia, from Brazil.

    1. Author

      Thank you Eulalia. Glad to hear that and appreciate you taking the time to leave this feedback. It means a lot!

  6. I have a question about taxis, how many passengers would they carry? I know you have a family of 5, and I’m considering visiting Portugal with my family of 6 (4 boys between 5 & 11). Transportation with so many little ones is something I’m still trying to work through. Any thoughts for me on this? I’d even welcome your thoughts on other modes of transportation throughout the country (bus, train, rental, etc.).

    1. Author

      Hi Lynn, with 5 we just used any taxi that came first and I squeezed in the back seat together with the kids. But there were also quite some bigger taxi’s with 7 or even 9 seats, we took one from the airport to the hotel. If you let the hotel call a taxi in advance, they can always ask for a bigger one. Otherwise you can always just take two cars – they are so cheap in Portugal that it really isn’t an issue.
      I hear that are good train connections in Portugal too, so that could be an option for further trips. Or rent a bigger car, but then stay away from the city centres and little towns with crazy traffic and narrow streets – e.g. Sintra is really bad.

  7. I went to Lisbon for a day the day after this blog post came out. Sadly I didn’t see it. This is great info and I will use it for next time. Thanks. Beautiful photos.

    1. Author

      I hope you enjoyed your trip to Lisbon nonetheless! And hopefully, you can add a few more places/ experiences next time.
      Happy travels!

  8. Great post about Lisbon, Jurga! We recently visited this cute and colourful city too, and must say your right about The Castle of Saint George: the view is great, the castle not so much. There are plenty of viewpoints over the city though, so I don’t think you guys missed out. 😉 Another great viewpoint that isn’t free is from the top of Sao Vincente de Fora, worth the €5 entrance fee if you ask me!
    If your kids enjoyed the sardine shop, I think they would have loved A Vida Portuguesa as well, a shop filled with typically Portuguese products. A great spot to get an original souvenir!
    The thing I love most about Lisbon is their pastei de nata. Aren’t they heavenly?!
    Groetjes vanuit Hasselt! 😉

    1. Author

      Thanks for sharing some more tips, Birthe. Keeping all this in mind for our next trip to Lisbon (there will definitely be a next one!). As for pastei de nata, they are absolutely delicious. And the best ones we tried were in Evora. Would go back just for that! 🙂

  9. I’m so pleased you liked Lisbon and I think you’re right – the boat trip is a great idea, both to wind down and see the city at a more relaxed pace and to rest the kids legs, Ive just had a look at their website, I’m sold! I know what we’re doing next time we’re in Lisbon!

    1. Author

      Glad you found something new to do in Lisbon, Alex. The sunset cruises are supposed to be amazing, we chose for a bit earlier hour for the kids, so we were back just before that. But if you have more time in the city and your kids aren’t that tired by the end of the day, I would definitely recommend a sunset cruise!

  10. Such a great detailed post! And you saw so much in one day, I really need to get myself to Lisbon one of these days!

    1. Author

      We did see so much in a day, indeed, Arianne. I find that if you plan well, you can do so much in a short time. Lisbon is amazing, btw. I’m sure you’d enjoy it!

  11. Looks like a great trip – my daughter recently visited Lisbon and loved it. I love your suggestion for the sailing trip – something I’m definitely doing when we get to Lisbon!

  12. So I don’t have kids, but I do like fun and it seems like you guys had a blast. I would love to ride on a sialboat and explore some of the local markets. I’ve heard the food is to die for and I wnat to eat it all. I am going in November and am gonna save this post!! Thank you!!

  13. Wish I read this before I went to Lisbon. I loved the city! There are so many good viewpoints and I loved wandering around on foot to see it all.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your feedback, Sara. There is so much to see and do in Lisbon that it might be difficult to decide on where to go and what to skip if on tight schedule. That’s why I wanted to share our experience. I hope this guide will help others to get the most out of their day in Lisbon.

  14. I love Lisbon and fell in love with it more the second time that I was there. The is really cool that you got to go sailing and see Lisbon from a different angle. I would of enjoy doing that too. Definitely making the sailing trip on my next trip

    1. Author

      You should, Melissa! I read in my travel guide that it’s a must in Lisbon, and it was really great. Very glad we did it!

  15. I’m quite impressed with how much you saw in one day in Lisbon. It looks so picturesque. My kids would have loved the sailing cruise the most too. The idea of sardine cans with your birth year on it is a novel one I haven’t seen before.

    1. Author

      You would love Portugal! It is extremely picturesque, there is so much to see and do, and it’s really family-friendly too.

  16. Lisbon is one of *my* cities – I spent a year living there. Your pictures are absolutely fabulous and they made me feel I can’t wait for my next trip to Lisbon <3 As I don't have kids, and I have very little idea about getting around Lisbon with very young kids, I'm so glad that you had such a great day in this perfectly unique city <3

    1. Author

      Wow, lucky you to have lived in Lisbon for a year! I never expected to like the city as much as I did. We are definitely going back!
      As for exploring with kids, ours are 6-8 years old, so they can walk for quite a while already. Cheap taxis and the boat ride in the evening were a big help though. A day walking in a city was tiring for us as well.

  17. Wow that is very comprehensive! Impressed you did so much w the kids! Your pics are gorgeous I love the orange roofs! I’m also a big fan of boat tours great way to see a lot.

    1. Author

      Thank you, Harmony. Yes, we did quite a lot, but that’s just the way we travel and our kids are used to that. Of course, we could have taken them to aquarium or the zoo, but we only had one day in Lisbon and so we wanted to see the highlights. That boat was a life-saver by the end of the day though! 😉

  18. Lisbon seems a fantastic destination for families who are looking for a city break within Europe. The city has a wide selection of suitable sights and activities. Are the intensity of sun during the tourist season (May-September) and the day time temperatures an issue for children ?

    1. Author

      We really loved Lisbon more than we had expected. Could have easily spent another day or two in the city. As for the temperatures. We visited beginning of April and it was around 22-25°C so perfect for sightseeing. In summer I would probably look for a full day sailing cruise 🙂

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