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Dubai in February: Weather, What To Expect & Seasonal Tips

Dubai in February: Weather, What To Expect & Seasonal Tips

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates enjoys a dry and very warm climate the whole year round. You probably already know that summers here get VERY HOT so winter is the best time to visit Dubai weather-wise. But what to expect and what is it really like to visit Dubai in February? Find out!

If you are thinking of visiting Dubai in February and are wondering what kind of weather to expect, what to wear, or how busy does it get at the main sights and attractions, this article should answer all your questions and give you a better idea of what it’s really like to visit Dubai at this time of the year.

Good to know: We recently visited Dubai in February and all the information in this article is based on our first-hand experience and observations. Of course, every visit will be different, but this should give you a good idea of what to expect.

What it's really like to visit Dubai UAE in February

Dubai February Weather

Dubai enjoys a subtropical desert climate with very mild winters. In February, you can expect average daytime temperatures around 22-25°C (71 – 77°F) with a maximum of around 30°C (86°F). The nights are usually very pleasant too, with average minimum temperatures around 15-19 °C (59 – 66°F).

February is also one of the months with the highest precipitation. However, this is very relative. On average, it rains just 1 day in the entire month of February in Dubai. So the chances of you experiencing rain here are very slim.

I checked the historical weather records for the last 10 years and found that in most years, it didn’t rain at all in Dubai in February. In some years, it rained on 1 or 2 days, and there were just two years in the last decade when it rained on 3 days in the entire month of February. And if it rains, it’s usually not more than a few hours.

However, if it rains, you are in for a really special experience – see further below. But first, let’s take a look at the most asked question from our readers traveling to Dubai in winter.

Dubai February weather forecast

What to wear in Dubai in February

If I could get a penny for every time we get asked what to wear in Dubai… You can find our answers and tips in a detailed guide via the link hereunder. But if you are looking for more seasonal information specifically for the February visit, here are some tips:

  • Pack summer clothing – shorts, T-shirts, dresses, light pants, skirts, etc.
  • Be sure to bring a light sweater and a rain jacket. You will likely need these for your journey on the plane anyway, but it might also come in handy in the evenings or if you plan a desert tour at sunrise or sunset.
  • Light summer shoes or sneakers are ideal. Sandals or flip-flops will be useful as well, especially if you plan to spend more time on the beach.

TIP: We recommend loose clothing that is not see-through. Ideally, it covers your shoulders and is not too short. At most religious sites, men will have to cover their shoulders and knees, whereas women might have to cover their arms, legs, and hair.

Our experience – what we wore in Dubai in February: Most of the time, I wore light summer pants and t-shirts/blouses and the kids wore shorts and T-shirts. On a few occasions, we wore light long-sleeved shirts. We wore sneakers all the time, but sandals would have been fine on most days as well. We only used flip-flops at the hotel pool.

We had sweaters, jeans, and rain jackets which we wore on the plane and at the airport, but we didn’t really need them in Dubai. The kids wore jeans on the day when it rained and they also wore a sweater for a few hours that morning, but even on a grey rainy day, it was still too warm for a sweater outside.

On one of our previous trips to Dubai in December, we wore light sweaters and rain jackets on a desert tour. This time in February, we didn’t need a sweater even in the desert after sunset. That said, it’s recommended to take a sweater with you when visiting the desert at night during winter months because it can get chilly.

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What to wear in Dubai in February
This is what the kids wore most of the time when we visited Dubai in February – shorts and T-shirts. Picture taken at the Sky Views Observatory.

How long are the days and what time is sunset?

In February, the sunrise time in Dubai is around 6.45 – 7 AM and the sunset is around 6 – 6.20 PM. So you have about 11-12 hours of daylight.

Since many Dubai attractions are indoors and many others come to life in the evening, you don’t really need to worry about the fact that it gets dark quite early. But you may have to know that many observation points get very crowded around sunset and potentially avoid visiting at that time.

Good to know: Burj Khalifa tickets are quite a lot more expensive at sunset. However, since they are aware that people come earlier and stay until sunset, this higher price applies for any entry from about 3 hours before the actual sunset time. In any case, you have to book your tickets well in advance and if you want to see the sunset at the top, arrive at least 1.5 hours before the sun goes down.

Burj Khalifa building in the dark - Dubai in February
Burj Khalifa in the evening.

Is it busy in Dubai in February?

Winter is the peak tourist season in the United Arab Emirates, so yes, it is quite busy in Dubai in February.

There were attractions where we could just walk in without any wait (but only in the mornings), but there were also places where we stood in line for more than an hour and once almost two hours (with timed-entry tickets!). And there was one place we where couldn’t visit at all because tickets were sold out weeks in advance (you can find more information about this below).

Good to know: How busy it will be also depends on when exactly you are traveling in February. Many schools (in the UAE, but also, for example, in European countries) have their half-term break in February. However, the dates differ every year, and even in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, different schools have vacations on different dates. In general, it’s much busier in the second half of February than at the beginning of the month.

TIP: Avoid visiting the most popular attractions and water parks (theme parks, and similar) on weekends. Keep in mind that the weekend in Dubai starts on Friday afternoon.

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Long queue at Dubai Frame in February
Dubai Frame – we spent almost 2 hours waiting in line and about half an hour inside.

Do you need to book things in advance?

As mentioned, February is the peak season in Dubai, so yes, it’s advisable to book accommodations and the most popular activities in advance.

You don’t absolutely have to reserve everything and plan every second of every single day months in advance, but my rule is quite simple – if there is something that you really don’t want to miss, book it before your trip. And not just a few days before, but ideally at least a few weeks.

Our experience: Our trip to Dubai in February wasn’t planned in advance. We literally changed our plans less than a week before the kids’s school break and booked the flights to Dubai. Finding a hotel last minute wasn’t an issue, but mid-budget options at the locations where we like to stay in Dubai were rather limited. In the end, we opted for this hotel and were quite happy with it.

Flights and hotel sorted, it was time to plan an itinerary, i.e. reserve attraction tickets and book tours. We started booking a few days before the trip and in most cases, we could get the tickets that we wanted. We had to adjust some things because of the available time slots, but in general, it was doable.

However, we couldn’t visit the Museum of the Future at all because it was sold out for more than three weeks. We also paid more for the Aquaventure Water Park tickets because we booked less than a week in advance. Burj Khalifa tickets were only available for early morning time slots and on just a few days which didn’t fit with the rest of the things we planned to do, so we decided to skip it (but only because we had been at the top before).

So while we could do most of the things that we wanted, it would have helped to book everything at least 2-3 weeks earlier.

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What to do in Dubai in February

If you are wondering what to see and do in Dubai in February, my answer is simple – EVERYTHING. I can’t think of any place or activity that wouldn’t be good at this time of the year.

That being said, some days are much cooler than others, so if you are planning to visit a water park, you may want to check the weather forecast before booking the tickets (even though – for Aquaventure – they might be a bit more expensive when booked a few days in advance vs over a week in advance).

But in general, the weather is very nice and the temperatures are pleasant so you can plan plenty of outdoor activities without having to worry about the weather. It’s warm enough for everything without being too hot.

TIP: Some of our favorite things that we did in Dubai in February were a sightseeing day tour to Abu Dhabi (a must-do!) a camel ride at sunset, and an old town tour. All of these activities included lots of time outdoors and were really enjoyable because we didn’t have to worry about the heat.

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Dubai in February - camel riding tour in the UAE desert
February is a great time to enjoy the Dubai desert!

Dubai in February with kids and teens

I strongly believe that the winter months are the best time to visit Dubai for families. We’ve been a few times, always in the winter, and it’s great.

A city trip can be really tiring for children, even more so when it’s hot. But because it isn’t too warm in Dubai in February, you can enjoy sightseeing and do a lot without getting exhausted. It’s much easier to motivate the kids when they are not melting down (literally and figuratively) because of the heat.

Plus, you don’t have to plan your itinerary around pools, drinking fountains, or indoor attractions with air conditioning, and can actually focus on what you and your family want to do, including but not limited to beaches, pools, and water parks.

So if you want to visit the UAE with kids and have a chance to do this in the winter months, don’t hesitate.

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Visiting Dubai in February with kids
Our kids loved Dubai when we first visited and they enjoyed it as teenagers even more. It was actually their choice to go to Dubai in February.

Valentine’s Day in Dubai

More and more holidays are celebrated all over the world, and Valentine’s Day seems to be one of them. While it’s not a Muslim tradition, the UAE population is so international that yes, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Dubai.

What this means is that you will find some Valentine’s Day decorations at the shopping malls and that some businesses will have some kind of special deals or arrangements for Valentine’s Day.

This could be a romantic Valentine’s dinner at a restaurant, a hotel stay package including some SPA treatments or champagne for couples, and similar…

So if you are visiting Dubai on February 14 and want to surprise your significant other with something special, do some research and you will find plenty of ideas for things to do on Valentine’s Day.

St Valentine's Day in Dubai - a big red heart at Dubai Mall
Valentine’s Day decorations at the Dubai Mall.

Does it rain in Dubai?

I promised you a story of Dubai in the rain. So here it is.

Yes, occasionally it might rain in the United Arab Emirates. On average, it rains just 1 day per month, and only between December and March. If you come from a country where it rains all the time, you may think it’s not even worth mentioning… However, it is very exceptional for the locals and the entire country is in chaos when it rains…

We recently visited Dubai in February and it rained for a few hours two days in a row just as we arrived (what are the odds, right?!). Many major roads in and around Dubai were flooded, the roofs of hotels and shopping malls were leaking, and the government sent one emergency warning to all phones after another. Government officials were working from home, schools switched to online lessons, etc.

Even though it rained just a few hours and mostly at night, it took several days for things to get back to normal. This is mainly because Dubai is not built for rain. So the water just stayed on the roads until it evaporated…

Anyway, this is very exceptional and the chances of you experiencing rain in Dubai (let alone heavy rain) are so small that it’s really not something to worry about. And if it does rain, you will find plenty of indoor activities to keep yourself busy. Because the heat is a bigger issue in the UAE than anything else, most of the Dubai attractions are built indoors so there are tons of things to do in any weather.

For example, we went to AYA Universe when it rained and by the time we were done, it had long stopped raining.

Rain in United Arab Emirates - cars driving through flooded streets in Dubai in February
The day after the rain in Dubai…

Conclusion: Is February a good month to visit Dubai?

Yes, February is a very good month to visit Dubai. The weather is pleasantly warm without being too hot. It’s ideal for sightseeing but also warm enough for swimming, beaches, and water parks.

It is a busy season so there are some disadvantages, such as bigger crowds, a small chance of rain, or some attractions having limited availability. But I find that the mild temperatures outweigh any disadvantages. And with some advance planning, you can have a very pleasant trip at this time of the year.

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Swimming in an outdoor pool in Dubai in February
On most days, it was more than warm enough to enjoy the pool in Dubai in February.

So, this is our experience and tips for visiting Dubai in February. I hope that it gives you a better idea of what to expect and helps you plan a more memorable visit and make the most out of your trip!

TIP: If you are looking for more practical information and tips for your trip to Dubai, or inspiration for places to visit, and things to do, take a look at our Dubai travel guides linked throughout the article as well as via the links below:

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What to expect when traveling to Dubai in February

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