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Behind the Scenes: Working from Home When You Have Kids

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Here I am, trying to write for my blog. It’s a beautiful sunny weekend and I’m sitting in the garden with my tablet, planning to finally get to that blog post about the windmills of Kinderdijk we visited in the Netherlands a few days ago… Idyllic picture, isn’t it? I open my tablet and start the first sentence. In just two minutes the kids start to fight. Mom! Mama! They were playing football and S got hit…by a ball. Who would have thought that you can get hit by a ball in a ball game?!

He decides to help his dad in the garden; B joins him. Soon S splashes his brother with the garden hose. Mom, he splashed me and I’m all wet now! B is upset and goes to play with M again.

S is bored. I suggest that he could do something else, maybe get a little car he could play with. So he goes inside, his hands dirty with mud and water and I rush to stop him before he gets any further and ‘paints’ the walls… I help him to wash his hands.

I sit down again and manage to finish the first sentence of my blog post.

S reappears with his little car, sees that his brothers are playing basketball and decides to join. Another minute passes and I am about to start a second sentence.

– Mom! Mooooooommmmmmm!
– Yes? It’s B now. He complains that the other two are teasing him. I tell him he could leave his brothers and come and make a puzzle if he wants. I ask my husband to get him a difficult puzzle with many pieces hoping that it will keep him busy for a while. I sit down to write again…

– Mom?!
– Yes?
– What are you doing?
– You mean, what I’m trying to do? Write an article.
– What is an article?
– I explain, and he starts his puzzle.
– Mom?!
– Yes?
– I’m thirsty. I get up and get a glass of water for him. I sit down again.

In the meantime the other two have finished their game and come to see what we are up to. It appears that they are thirsty as well. I get them a drink.

– Mom!
– Yesss?
– What can we do now?
– What would you like to do?
– Play a game, maybe? They go and get a game of chess and start to play. Finally! I can write again. Where was I? Oh yes, that second sentence…

– Mom! It’s B again.
– Yes?
– Did you send that email for the music lessons? I really want to learn how to play drums.
– No, they said they would send an email to us.
– Oh, ok. Mom!
– Yessssss?
– Look at how my puzzle is going. I am good!
– Yes, you are doing great! Such a difficult puzzle…

Working from home with kids - the reality

The first picture is how you want it to be – this one is the reality…


Working from home with kids – how do people manage?!

I try to write again. Where was I?

By then it’s time to start thinking about dinner and I realize that I wrote just one paragraph in more than an hour. My husband says he would take care of it. A minute later he is back with a question regarding the food. I forgive him because he brings me a cocktail, a Spritz to remind me of the better days in Rome. I can certainly use a drink now!

– Mom!
– Yes?
– Look what I have! S found a little worm in the garden.
– Mom!
– Yessssssss?
– Can I have some candy now? Me too! Me too! All three of them have a bag of candy in their hands that they received yesterday.
– No, we are going to eat soon. You can have it after dinner.
– Mom, can you help me with this? I don’t know where this puzzle piece fits…

– Food is almost ready! – it’s my husband. Would you guys clear the table so we can eat outside?
– Sure, honey. We put the puzzle and the chess game away. I close the tablet. Seven sentences in almost two hours. I give up…

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