Visit Belgium in 2016 for Brussels flower carpet and fantastic hotel deals

Why You Should Visit Brussels Belgium Right Now

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Belgium is a small country in the heart of Europe, probably best known for its world-famous Belgian chocolate, Belgian waffles, world’s best beer and great food… But this little country has so much more to offer than that! If you have never been to Belgium, now it’s the perfect time to put it on your European travel itinerary. There are two very good reasons to book a trip to Brussels in 2016. Ok, there are more than two, but if I were to name them all, I would need to write a book…

Why You Should Come to Belgium in 2016

1. Brussels Flower Carpet 2016

Have you ever seen a carpet made of flowers? If you haven’t, then you just have to come to Brussels in 2016! The famous bi-annual Brussels flower carpet is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and it’s gonna be amazing! It always is. No two carpets are ever the same and even though we’ve seen at least 5 or 6 of them over the years, it never fails to impress!

Brussels flower carpet 2014 - no two carpets are ever the same

Brussels flower carpet 2014

Brussels flower carpet practical info:

When: The Brussels flower carpet is a bi-annual event that takes place around the 15th of August. This year, you can admire this piece of art from the 12th to the 15th of August.
Where: Brussels Grand-Place – the most beautiful square in the world and UNESCO world heritage site.
Theme: This year’s edition has a Japanese theme.
Size: The flower carpet is 75 m long by 24 m wide and is made of 1,800 m2 (almost 20,000 ft2) of begonias.
What to do: Stroll around the Grand-Place and admire the details of this masterpiece. You can also visit the balcony of the Town Hall for the wide-angle views. Make sure to also visit in the evening for a spectacular music-and-light show.
Cost: You can admire the flower carpet and the evening shows free of charge. The visit to the balcony of the Town Hall will cost you 5 EUR.

Brussels Grand Place and Flower Carpet 2010

Brussels flower carpet 2010


2. Visit Belgium in 2016: less crowds and better prices than ever before

Due to the recent tragic events, Brussels and the rest of Belgium have seen a big decline in the number of foreign visitors. While this is bad news for the tourism sector, you can take advantage of less crowds and some really good deals for accommodation, especially in Brussels.

I have just been looking for hotels in Brussels this summer and there are some unbelievable deals with discounts up to 60%.

TIP: If Belgium is on your bucket list (and it should be), now you can get much more vacation for your money than ever before!


– Staying in the city centre, within walking distance from Grand Place, is the ideal way to explore Brussels. I can recommend the following hotels:

Brussels is the perfect base for day trips in Belgium. Central Railway Station is located very close to the Grand Place and there are very good train connections to Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges, etc. Ask for the best train ticket options. If you are younger than 26, GO PASS 1 is the cheapest way to travel around – 6 EUR for a one-way trip anywhere in Belgium.

– There are less business travellers in Belgium at the moment too, so you can find very cheap flights to Brussels as well. We use Momondo to search for the best flight deals.

Is it safe in Belgium?

I know that you wonder if it’s safe to travel to Belgium. We live here and we never felt unsafe. And while you can never foresee the future, life in Belgium and in Brussels is pretty much the same as it’s always been.

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Why you should visit Brussels right now

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  1. Hi Jurga
    Your information is just fantastic….Thank You!
    We can only in holiday in July every year and as we don’t like high temperatures or regular holiday packages we are always looking for cooler interesting places to visit and Belguim came to mind.
    We have found lovely accommodation in Le Hulpe and we will rent a car and hopefully bikes.
    If there is any additional information you can provide us with about Le Hulpe and this general area we would be very thankful.
    We are a family of 2 adults and 3 children aged 14yrs/11yrs and 9yrs..
    Thank you

    1. Author

      Hi Geraldine, La Hulpe is a nice area, you’ll enjoy it. Here are some recommendations:
      Make sure to visit Château de la Hulpe – the gardens are nice to walk or to bike.
      Also Waterloo is nearby and the memorial/museum is really well done – our kids loved it.
      Visit Villers Abbey as well – it’s beautiful and very close by.
      I also recommend Dinant and Durbuy area – another great day trip.
      If your kids like theme parks, take them to Walibi – it’s perfect for that age. Also Pairi Daiza is not too far and is one of the best animal parks. More info on both here: best theme parks in Belgium.
      If you like more active vacations, there are quite some places where you can go kayaking in the Belgian Ardennes. Gooogle for more info.

      I guess all this will keep you busy for a while 🙂
      Enjoy your trip!

  2. Hi Jurga,

    My family and I will be in Brussels the first week of December. We are so excited to be coming back! My husband and I have been there several times, but it was about 15 years ago, we didn’t have children, and we had a friend who lived there and took us to all the places. Can you recommend a few restaurants that are family-friendly both in Brussels and Bruges? Also, could you recommend a chocolate tour? The ones I’m finding are either 4 hours long or have an age limit of 12 yrs. Our youngest is 5.
    Thanks, Jurga!

    1. Author

      Hi Ashley, I really don’t know about the restaurants. None seem to be overly family-friendly, at the same time pretty much all the regular restaurants (so no Michelin-star restaurants) are ok with kids. Most restaurants here in Belgium have some kind of a kids menu, usually some pasta or small meat dishes with fries. We like to take our kids to Italian restaurants too. I wouldn’t go out of the way to find any specific restaurant, just look for one wherever you are at that moment (use google maps to search for restaurants nearby – you can immediately see reviews as well). You may want to reserve something for dinner, alternatively, go earlier in order to easily find a table – around 6pm or so, as most Belgians start to come in past 7pm.
      As for the tour, I think it’s common to have tours that last about 4 hours, otherwise people feel they don’t get value for their money :). Anyway, why not try Choco-Story museum in Brussels – you can visit at your own pace. Alternatively, here’s a 2-hour chocolate tasting tour that seems to not have any age limit. I also found this waffle making workshop (just 1,5hrs) that allows kids from 4 years old.
      Hope this helps. PS you really should come over and visit Antwerp – it’s just a short train ride from Brussels. Here are some ideas on what to do in Antwerp with kids.
      Enjoy your trip!

      1. Jurga,
        Thank you so much for digging up all this information! So very helpful! We will definitely be checking these out.

  3. Wow! I’ve never even heard of this! What a unique and beautiful event. I think the idea is gorgeous and I hope you go this year and post about it, so I can see some pictures 🙂

    1. Author

      It’s just beautiful and so unique – you should plan to come visit in 2 years from now if it’s too late for now! We try to go every time – also this year. I’ll definitely post some pictures!

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