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3 Things I Liked Most About Dubai

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As I said in one of my earlier posts, we don’t travel to the other side of the world to spend a week by the pool or on the beach, so our recent trip to Dubai wasn’t any different. Burj Khalifa made (literally!) a big impression, as did the Dubai Mall, or the Aquaventure Waterpark… But as it often goes, it’s the little details we remember best as they make every trip special. So what will I remember about Dubai?

Good weather (except that one day)

As expected, we had very good weather in Dubai. It’s the first time ever that we were not home for Christmas. Our families will not like to hear this I’m afraid… but we really loved Christmas under the palm trees! It’s great to escape the cold and the rain (and the running noses of the kids), even if just for a short while.
However, we had some rain as well (it hardly ever rains in Dubai!). Only on one day, the day we visited the desert. Now that was an experience! If you visit Dubai in 40-50°C (100-120°F) heat, you will not be able to imagine that we needed a sweater and a jacket in a desert in December…

How international and multicultural Dubai is

Dubai is by far the most international and multicultural place I have ever been to. The mix of people, cultures, languages – it’s just incredible! More than 80% of people living in Dubai are foreigners. And then I’m not even talking about millions of tourists that visit the city every year.

Drinks and food in Dubai

If there is one thing you shouldn’t worry about when visiting Dubai, then it has to be food. You will find that pretty much any imaginable International cuisine is represented in Dubai. From Mexican, Italian, Japanese, African, to American fast food chains, to traditional Arabic dishes – food in Dubai is absolutely DELICIOUS. If there is one thing in common, it’s the variety of spices they use, and so even the most familiar dish can acquire that special Middle Eastern taste that makes it all taste so good.

And then you have the drinks. Drinks in a muslim country? Yes, you read it right. In my very honest opinion, you are missing a lot if you choose to look for restaurants that serve alcohol in Dubai. As most restaurants are not licensed, they are very creative in the variety of non-alcoholic beverages they serve. You will find the most fantastic non-alcoholic cocktail selection you can imagine. For us, it was the discovery of this trip. We have tried countless smoothies made with fresh fruit, shakes, cocktails, lemonades,… and they were all excellent.

We stayed 9 days in Dubai and even though we enjoy a glass of beer or wine at home, we never for one second thought of ordering it during this vacation. The smoothies were that good!

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