Easy to make Christmas Santa Claus dessert

Cute Christmas Dessert Anyone Can Make

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This year we are escaping Christmas – a bit like the Kranks in that [amazon text=movie&asin=B0007A0F4E] you might have seen a few years ago, and we should really start packing our bags for the trip…
But… The kids have holidays and they are running through the house all day leaving a trail of destruction behind them… So packing will have to wait for now – I am a full-time mom.

Since we are not planning to escape Christmas all together, we decided to get into the holiday spirit and make a holiday-themed dessert. I have seen this idea somewhere a few days ago and today we decided to try it out – we would make some cute strawberry Santas. The biggest work was driving to the grocery store to get some strawberries. The rest was very simple. The kids loved the strawberry Santas, so I thought why not to share the idea with you as well. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s yummy.

Easy and Simple Christmas Dessert for and by Kids

Christmas dessert that's easy and fun to make for kids

Kids will love making these strawberry Santas just as much as eating them


You will need a couple of big strawberries, whipped cream (sweetened), and some small candy (we used small Smarties).

Make whipped cream with some sugar. Cut off the strawberry top so that it’s flat. Now cut a small piece off the tip of the strawberry to make Santa’s hat. Place some whipped cream on the ‘body’, and put the hat back on. Make the eyes and/or the nose using the candy. You can add some more whipped cream as a finishing touch to the hat. It’s as easy as this. Enjoy!

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