Visit new indoor theme park Antwerp Comics Station with kids

Visit Comics Station Antwerp with Kids – Review

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Exciting news for everyone planning a visit to Antwerp with kids! A brand new indoor theme park Comics Station Antwerp just opened its doors in the heart of the city. Located inside one of the most beautiful train stations in the world, Comics Station is a unique concept, the first of its kind in Belgium.

We live close to Antwerp and often visit the city with our kids. So we were very excited to hear about this new family-friendly initiative and decided to pay a visit to the Comics Station as soon as it opened.

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Our visit to Comics Station Antwerp with kids


Belgian Comic Strips

Comics Station Antwerp is a unique experience for the whole family. Not only it is a great place to spend a rainy afternoon with your kids, it also introduces visitors to the most popular Belgian comic heroes.

Comic strips occupy a very important place in the Belgian culture, and some Belgian comic characters are widely known all over the world. At Comics Station Antwerp you will not only meet the most popular characters like The Smurfs or Lucky Luke, you’ll get to know Spike and Suzzy (Suske and Wiske), Jommeke, The Kiekeboes, and many more.

Even if you know nothing about Belgian comic strips (or don’t speak Dutch), you will still be able to enjoy the visit to the Comics Station Antwerp with kids. It offers a great combination of an indoor playground and a theme park in one, with plenty of fun activities for young and old.

Antwerp Comics Station indoors theme park is great fun for the whole family


Comics Station Antwerp with kids – what to expect

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Visit Comics Station Antwerp with kids. Introduction to a brand new indoor theme park in Belgium!


  1. Yes I’m with you Ari!

  2. This really appeals to me! Fan of Lucky Luke!! Would definitely visit!

  3. This place looks like so much fun not only for kids but for adults too especially comic book collectors. I not been to Antwep but would love to get there one day.

    1. Author

      Absolutely, Mel! Who doesn’t love the Smurfs, right?

    2. Author

      You should definitely come visit. I’ll show you around when you finally make it here! 😉

  4. This place looks like so much fun! Forget the kids I would totally go myself! haha

    1. Author

      I actually really liked it too, Arianne! 😉

    2. Author

      Ha ha, I know what you mean, Arianne. It’s fun to be a child again, even if for a short while… 😉

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